Exiting Abandoned Cart Flow and Profile Property Update


I have a two questions regarding an abandoned cart flow—

(1) My question (which I THINK the answer is yes) is: If I set “Checkout Started zero times since starting this flow” as a “Profile Filter” on the initial “Trigger”, this will be checked before each action?

So, if a user buys after email 1, they WILL NOT receive email 2. OR, do I have to add that same filter (“Checkout Started zero times since starting this flow”) in the “Additional Filters” section of each email action card?


(2) Further to this, I have a “Profile Property Update” action at the beginning and end of each flow—“(Exclude) In Flows BOOL”—so I can identify users currently in a flow. So, If I have a sale email etc., those people do not get this email interrupting their flow. I seem to have a lot of people (too many) in this segment atm so I think there’s a bug, namely: If (1) above is true and the “Profile Filter > “Checkout Started zero times since starting this flow” on the initial trigger is checked prior to each subsequent action, including a Property Update, then if a user has made a purchase during the flow, that last Profile Property Property Update action to remove them from  “(Exclude) In Flows” will never trigger, hence they will always be in that segment??


As a note: I did not set this up, we had an agency do it. So this is just confirmation as I make edits. Also, I feel like (2) is probably overkill, and there’s likely a better way to identify people in a flow? Is there a dimension you can add to a segment to check if someone has been in ANY FLOW for the last N days?





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​Hi @lbombardier
According to this article, I believe that trigger filters are only checked for the person to enter the flow, but profile filters are checked before each step.

So for question 1, you would not have to add the profile filter to each step, since it will be checked each time.

For question 2, I think you are correct; if they purchase, then they will never have their profile property updated.

If you want to make sure you skip customers who are in a flow, you an do that with Smart Sending; this feature allows campaigns to skip profiles who have received an email in the past N number of days. Go to your settings, then email, and there you can edit Smart Sending hours/days; you just need to make sure Smart Sending is turned on when you send a campaign.

One other thing to note - I noticed that your profile filter is Started Checkout. This could be a difference in integrations; my filter is Placed Order zero times, since many times customers will start the checkout process, but not complete it. The trigger I use is Started Checkout, the flow will only send an email if they did not complete the order within X hours. I also have a separate flow for Add to Cart where they did not proceed to the checkout process.

​Of course, it’s important to test every flow internally before making it live for customers.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for this @JessFosnough

Re: your note, these are the flows we’re using (I also have a browse abandon flow), I think they make sense?

Abandoned Cart flow: 
Trigger: “Added to Cart”
Filter: “Checkout Started zero times since starting this flow” + “Has not been in flow in the last 30 days”
Use Case: User added an item(s) to cart, but did not go to “Checkout” page.

Abandoned Checkout flow:
Trigger: “Checkout Started”
Filter: “placed order zero times since starting this flow” + “Has not been in flow in the last 30 days”
Use Case: Did go to “Checkout” page, but did not finalize the purchase.

I’m on Shopify with a single page checkout.

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Hi @lbombardier,

I’m so sorry, I didn’t see your most recent response until just now!

Yes, your trigger flows and filters look correct. In fact, the error was mine - I get “Abandoned Cart” and “Abandoned Checkout” confused ALL THE TIME; so much so that I actually named my abandoned cart differently - in my account it is “Abandon Add To Cart”, so I can easily understand which one it is!

So sorry for the confusion!! 😂