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What would it take to get a calendar view? The idea to be able to see all the campaigns laid out on a calendar would help so freaking much! Creating the content calendar there, and then building the emails from there would be a HUGE life savor. And then after that, to link it to the google calendar. DREAM! 


Also to be able to color tags and/or create a creation process… 

Idea/Editing/Needs Approval/Final/Scheduled… 

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Hello @NStrand711,

Thanks for sharing your comment with the Community.

A content calendar is a great suggestion. I agree having a visual overview would be especially helpful. I have submitted it as a proposal to the product team to consider for future implementation. In the meantime, you may be interested to explore adding a calendar event to a button, link or image to engage your customers.

Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your day.

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I second this!  Coming from the social media marketing world, I organize all content this way.  It would be extremely helpful to do the same with my email campaigns.

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Agree! This would be so helpful. 

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Hi everyone! Although we are still working on this, I am glad to see the amount of interest in this as a feature and hope to report back here soon with bigger updates.

Until then, feel free to review our Academy course on “Developing a Content Calendar”!


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Any update on this? A calendar view would be amazing!

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Hi there @CarlySzymanski,

With our recent rebrand of our entire business, there have been other areas our product team had focused on. This feature is still on our roadmap and I hope to provide updates here as we receive them!


All the best,



I would also be interested in this feature ! In the meantime, do you have any other tools that you would suggest using ?


This is ONE thing I really used to use regularly on both Constant Contact and MailChimp and would be super helpful on here. Can’t wait to see this view

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Hello! I second this feature as well! Especially around the holidays, this would be super valuable!

I’m juggling 10 different emails for Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions so being able to see them laid out in a calendar form would help immensely. (And calm my mind that they’re correctly scheduled!)

Agree! This would help me so much in organising everything. All our scheduling tools (including tools like Trello) offer calendar views, but Klaviyo does not. 

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Agreed here from an ecommerce fashion brand - flows are brilliant, but campaigns are the largest majority of our email revenue. We make daily campaigns and being able to visualise them in a calendar would be SUCH an amazing bonus, and I think help give Klaviyo an edge in the world of consumer brand retail



It would make looking back at past campaigns a lot easier and to get a quick understanding of the days the campaigns were sent. Really hoping they add this feature. 

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I heard that a campaign calendar view is available now, but I don't seem to have it in my Klaviyo account (I’m in the UK) - is there a release date for this?

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Hey @KayleeLemur @harleywiltsey @Sophievk2305 @meetapapersandgems @mattperry @Anouk @secretlabel 

While I dont have an exact release date yet, this is a feature that you should see very soon in your accounts. I will update this thread as soon as it’s been released!

Thank you for your patience!

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I’m seeing it rolled out as of today. It is present in some of my clients’ accounts.


Really looking forward to it!

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Hey all, 

Just wanted to share that this product feature has now been fully released! Check out our resources below to get started using it:

Don’t forget to register and join us on Thursday, April 27, for our Spring 2023 Klaviyo Product Event. We’ll be walking you through all our new features that’s been released including the campaign calendar. Register here today.

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!