Flow triggered by certain characters in the order number

  • 23 October 2021
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I’d like to trigger an email flow when certain characters are in the order number: for example, “E-”.


How can I set up this trigger?


Thank you! 


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Hello @stationerymanor,

Great question! 

At present, Klaviyo’s filters cannot evaluate based on partial keywords such as if a value contained “E-”. Instead, I would recommend using some other means to identify these sort of orders. For example, if these orders had an order number containing “E-” because they contained a special product, I would instead target the product itself using either trigger filters or flow filters. This strategy would be similar to the one highlighted in our Creating a Product-Specific Flow Help Center article. I would also suggest reviewing the About Flow Triggers and Filters article we offer to learn more about using flow filters or trigger filters for your targeting purposes.

 Some further reading that may help you set up your filters are from other Community posts which touch upon this subject. I’ve included some below which others have found useful:

I’ll also share this feedback with our Product Team to explore the functionality of using partial phrasing in our filters!

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Unfortunately, that will not work. 

My Etsy orders are imported into my Shopify store for ease of shipping, etc. The order numbers start with “E-”. 

They are also tagged as “Etsy Order”. Can I create a flow based on an order tag?

I want to send specific emails for those orders.  Please let me know. 


 Thank you!

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Hey @stationerymanor,

Thanks for that clarification! Although order tags are synced to Klaviyo, we don’t typically advise using them as a flow filter or flow trigger if your flow was triggered by the Placed Order event due to the frequency the data is synced. As explained in the Reviewing Your Shopify Data Help Center article under Frequency of the Shopify Sync:

Metrics and profile properties from Shopify are synced in real-time. You should see event data appear in your Klaviyo account within a few seconds of when the event is tracked in your Shopify store.

Because we sync all metrics in real-time, any tags -- such as Order Tags -- that might be added to an order after it is processed will not sync into Klaviyo. Klaviyo does not re-sync metrics after the initial event takes place, so no tags or adjustments made to an order after-the-fact will be updated in Klaviyo.

From my experience, if your flow was triggered by the Fulfilled Order metric, you should be able to leverage these order tags as a sufficient time should have passed between when the order was made and when the order was fulfilled that the tag would have been synced successfully. 

Alternatively, I would suggest attempting to find another way to identify these of orders that would allow you to use flow filters or trigger filters to target them with a flow. 

Have a great day!