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Hi everyone! Please can someone give me some advice?

I am having trouble with 2 flows that I created. The crazy thing is that they worked perfectly for months, but without me changing anything- I have had trouble for the last 2 month.

Flow 1: Post sales Flow- The trigger was set as when someone “fulfills an order”. This flow only sends to some of my customers! (it doesn’t show that the emails bounced. The email just doesn’t send)

Flow 2: An Abandon cart Flow - this occasionally sends correctly, but lately has sent to a few people up to 4 hours after they purchased. (And I checked that they didn’t have more than one basket”.)


This is causing so much frustration! The Post sales flow has NB info, and Abandon cart flow causes panic for someone who has paid!


Does anyone have any advice? 

Thank you! Kira


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Hi @Kira 


Thanks for sharing your questions with the Klaviyo community!


There’s actually a really great trouble shooting guide for why flow emails aren’t sending here. It’s a form you can fill out at the bottom of the help doc that helps direct you in the right direction depending on how you answer.

I’d also recommend making sure people aren’t being skipped for smart sending, or any other skipped reason like suppressions or suspicious emails


Regarding the emails that are sending after someone purchases, check your flow filters to ensure this flow is set to only send to people who have “placed an order zero times since starting this flow”. It might also be helpful to include a “fulfilled order zero times since starting this flow” filter as well. I’d also double check the events are being sent at the right time stamps.


I hope this helps!

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Hello @Kira,

On top of the great suggestions that @marissanunez posed, I would also look to ensure that the Fulfilled Order metric and the Started Checkout metric which triggers your Post Purchase flow and Abandoned Cart flow are being recorded and synced to Klaviyo in a timely manner. Events that are not recorded and synced to Klaviyo in a timely manner may cause your flows to either not send or send in an unexpected manner.

As detailed in the How Recipients Are Scheduled for Flow Messages subsection of the How Contacts Move through a Flow article:

If you have an integration that doesn't sync immediately, note that qualified profiles will still be scheduled for the first step in a flow as long as the information for the triggering event is synced into Klaviyo within four hours of the event occurring or, if a time delay is the first step after the trigger, as long as the sync falls within the timeframe of the time delay — whichever comes last. If the difference in the synced (i.e., recorded) time and the actual time for an event is greater than both the four-hour default window and the time delay, they will be skipped from the flow. Refer to this article for details on how often your integration syncs data into Klaviyo. If you continue to see issues, please contact support.


An example of the above scenario would be if a customer’s Fulfilled Order event occurred at 5:00pm from your integration but was not synced to Klaviyo and recorded by Klaviyo until 10:00pm. Since the recorded timestamp exceeded four hours, this contact would not be served your Post Purchase flow. 

Another scenario that may occur would be if a customer completed a purchase; thus triggering both the Started Checkout event and the Placed Order but the Started Checkout event was not recorded until after Placed Order event was recorded. This would cause the Abandoned Cart flow to be served to your customers despite them placing an order. Without a Placed Order event being recorded after the Started Checkout event, customers would not adhere to the flow filter of “Placed Order zero times since starting this flow”. This is because the contact would technically be triggering the Abandoned Cart flow after the Placed Order event when the Started Checkout event was recorded. 

You can see if either one of these scenarios is the culprit to your flows by clicking on the timestamp of these events within the contact’s profile to review the raw metric and event data as detailed in the How to View Raw Metric or Event Data in Klaviyo article. If you were noticing the first scenario occurring, I would recommend reviewing your integration and ensuring that the integration is healthy and that it is sending Klaviyo data in a timely manner. If the second scenario was occurring, I would advise on potentially increasing the time delay between your trigger and the first email to be no less than two hours as often times data can take upwards of an hour to sync to Klaviyo. 

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Thank you both so much! We will look into your suggestions and sure this is solve the problem!