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  • 17 April 2024
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I have a form on my website allowing users to share their email address to be emailed a free guide.

To do this I am using and I have set up a webhook in the form allowing the email address to be passed into the scenario. I can confirm that part is working fine.

The problem I am facing is that if a users email address (mine for example) already exists it can’t create a new profile, which I understand. To combat this, I added a ‘List profiles’ step to pull all users, then a router so that if the email address already exists, add them to the list so that they get the email from a flow in Klaviyo, or alternatively create them a profile. 
I can’t seem to get the filter “if already exists’ correct.

Has anyone had a situation like this before? I feel this is a really straight forward task that is proving a nightmare. 

It’s worth noting, if there is any easier way to do this, please do share as I would rather do this right than make my method work if it isn’t best practice.

Any help would be appreciated.


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2 replies

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I assume you’re doing all of this in order to trigger the free guide delivery.

If I were you, I’d make the form submission a custom event, then trigger the Flow based on that event.

As you can see, you pass the email address in with the event data so it doesn’t matter whether profile exists or not.

At the same time, you can still subscribe them to a list with consent if they’ve opted in through your form:

Again, that endpoint works whether the contact already exists or not.

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Hi @OHB911 - welcome to the community!


Can you help me understand why you’re using a Make automation to integrate this optin form with Klaviyo? 


What you’re trying to accomplish here is pretty straightforward: “I have a form on my website allowing users to share their email address to be emailed a free guide.”


Is there a reason why you haven’t use a Klaviyo signup form to accomplish this instead? You can easily use an embedded form, placed on a dedicated page of your site or a popup/ flyout form. There are many options that would enable you to easily offer people the opportunity to give their email in exchange for the free guide you’re offering. 


From there, the profiles are seamlessly added to Klaviyo. Unfortunately there won’t automatically be a “submitted form” event, but you could add a custom profile property as a hidden data point tied to the button of each form, that could ID the optin offer/ free guide people are signing up for.


That could then be used to create a segment, which you could use to trigger a flow that will automatically send an email delivering the free guide – regardless of if someone has already subscribed to your email marketing.


I’ve added links above to Klaviyo help docs so you can easily get started. Happy to answer any follow up questions!