How do I edit my first campaign in text not html - and how to send a test email

  • 10 November 2020
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So i just moved from Aweber a few days ago. Im sending out my first campaign, so basically I copied my newsletter over from aweber and set it up as a template. its just the last newsletter i sent out and usually i just cut the last lot of info out and add the new. (as there are sections i just leave in about my services) 

In aweber you can edit in text, and i switch out the links in the html side, (like wordpress). So I decided to create the newsletter is html instead of the template and just copied and pasted the newsletter. on both options i dont see I can edit in text. i dont want to work in html only. how do i do that?

also can we send out a test email to ourselves so i can check the images are looking ok?


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3 replies

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OK my son told me to create a template, which I didnt want to do because I wanted to do it my way, he said my way was old fashioned lol thats cause I learnt to do my newsletter before drag and drop.


So I just created a template and copied the html code into it.

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Hi @katestrong

It’s great that your son was able to help you with using the templates and utilizing the drag and drop feature (but also great that you know how to work with html!). Were you able to figure out how to send yourself a test email as well? 


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I did thanks Cassey Lee. Got my head around it all thanks.