How do I target browse abandonment users based on the product type or category they viewed?

  • 4 December 2021
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How do I target browse abandonment users based on a specific product type or category they viewed?

For example - if someone viewed a t-shirt from the men’s category, how can I send then an email with reviews about t-shirts.

Similarly,  if someone viewed a top. from the women's category, how can I send then an email with reviews about tops.

Instead of using the standard flow, how can I create a more personalised touch to it? 

Please let me know your suggestions.


Best answer by Manny Singh 5 December 2021, 03:41

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3 replies

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Hi Jehide, 


One way you could do it is by branching within the flow.  You’ll need to use the Trigger Split and then you can use a condition that fits your needs best  For example, here’s a browse abandonment flow that branches based on if it’s an adjustable cap or not they viewed:


Here’s a help article on branching best practices for flows that may help out on how you could do it:


Let me know if you have more questions on this.

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Hey Manny, thanks so much for your help. Appreciate it brother.

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Hi @Manny Singh,

I am doing the same for my store. The only thing that i am struggling is to generate dynamic reviews based on the category. We are using loox, just wondering if you have had experience in including dynamic reviews, if so can you please share your knowledhe.