How do you create a conditional split based on who used a static coupon from an older email?

  • 1 September 2022
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Hi Klaviyo Team, 

Would need some advise regarding the matter below:

We are creating a customer winback flow. This is how the draft flow would be: 

Say I wanna send out a last chance email to those who have yet to place order using a static coupon code (coupon expires in 12 days) in the previous email, is the conditional split event align with my goal? I am especially concern with the timeline. Can someone please advise what is the best practice? Thanks!


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 1 September 2022, 22:25

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2 replies

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Thanks Taylor! The current email templates according to sequence are as below:
Email #1: Brief update of the brand 
Email #2: Discount (promo code) for those who did not make a purchase upon seeing email #1 
Email #3: Last chance to grab discount 


In order to create a sense of urgency for people who did not make any purchase using the promo code given in email #2, when I am creating the last chance email #3, I do intend to set the promo code validity period for 2 weeks starting from the day when a recipient opens the email. Would it be better to create a static promo code or unique promo code? 

If the best practice is to create a unique promo code for each individual using Klaviyo in my email #2, in order to place a conditional split after email #2, does the below screenshot contain the correct conditions in order to achieve my purpose as mentioned in the 2nd paragraph? 


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Hi there @stellapuivoon


Thanks for sharing your question with us!


Yes, that conditional split will work as long as you add the coupon code name to the ‘contains’ parameter. I’d suggest checking out this helpful thread for more insight on conditional splits and static coupons in a flow.


However, it should be noted that instead of adding this conditional split, you could add a flow filter with the conditon ‘has not placed order since starting this flow’. This filter would immediately kick out any user who placed an order at any time in the flow. Additionally, the timing of delays are aligned with our winback help center documentation, except for we suggest the second time delay be 10 days vs 14. 


I know one of our Community Champions, @chelsgrove recently wrote about winback email strategy, she might have some insightful advice on timing of these emails! Finally, I’d recommend checking out these winback-related Community threads that could step up your game event more!  


Thanks for participating in the Community!