How to Audit Your Klaviyo Account Part 2: Flows

  • 31 March 2021
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How to Audit Your Klaviyo Account Part 2: Flows
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Welcome! So you’re using Klaviyo, and want to know how your account is performing. An audit is a great tool to assess your performance. This is Part 2 of a series of Community posts that will walk you through an audit of your Klaviyo account. Let’s get started!

Have You Set Up These 4 Key Flows? 

  • Welcome series: Introduces new newsletter subscribers to your brand and products

  • Abandoned cart: Reminds shoppers to complete their purchase 

  • Browse abandonment: Reminds a visitor of an item they recently viewed on-site

  • Post-purchase: Follows up with the customer after their purchase, often thanking them for their order or asking for feedback

We recommend setting up these flows first, because they have high engagement and help build your sender reputation as you warm your account. They also create a good customer experience right at the start of a customer’s journey with you. With those in place, take your marketing strategy to the next level with the following flows:

Level Up with These Strategic Flows

  • Customer winback: Catch customers before they churn and encourage another purchase

  • Cross-sell/upsell: Recommend products based on your customers’ purchase history

  • Birthday: Celebrate your subscribers’ birthdays and build loyalty

  • Sunset flow: Encourage unengaged subscribers to engage with your messages and phase out those who no longer want to receive your messaging

Analyze and Improve Your Flows

Having these flows in place is a great way to set yourself up for success. Your next step is to understand your data and use it to improve your strategy in the future. 

In Part 1, we look at some baseline benchmarks for email performance. Dig deeper into low-performing flow analytics on the message level. Questions to ask are:

Pro Tip: Focus your energy on high-performance flows first. If you notice, for example, that your welcome series and your sunset flow perform poorly, focus on your welcome series first, as it has a higher impact on your bottom line.

Setting up these flows creates customer touchpoints throughout their journey with you. In Part 3, we’ll take a look at campaigns! 


3 replies

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Thanks for the information here! I am currently completing a Client Scorecard Audit using the excel template provided by Klaviyo, however I am having trouble working out how to calculate the GOAL for Open Rates, and CTR, for a client in the Sporting Goods industry.

Can you please advise?

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Hi Kylie, 

Let me know if I am understanding the question correctly. I’d first check in your customer’s account that they have the correct industry selected. This would be under Account > Contact Information > Organization. 




Once this is selected, then you can go into the Analytics > Benchmarks section (if you’ve just changed this is I don’t think it updates until the 10th of the following month): 


You would then see the different benchmarks for Open/CTR. Setting the goals themselves then is up to you and the client, do you want to initially set a realistic goal of median? Or do you want to push to go for a top tier metric right off the bat. I don’t know the client, but I would say start in steps, we’re going to get you to crawl before you can run - type thing. 

Hopefully this is helpful but definitely let me know if I misunderstood the question. 

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Hi Kylie! It sounds like you’re looking for some guidance around sporting goods industry benchmarks. 


From our latest benchmark data, we found the following for the sporting goods industry:

  • Open Rate: 25.38%
  • Click Rate: 2.15%
  • Conversion Rate: .08%

Hope this helps!