How to use a Form Submission to trigger a flow (not just once)

  • 11 December 2021
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Hi there


I would like to use a form submission as the trigger to a flow in the following way:

  • Can be an existing or new subscriber
  • Repeated submission triggers the flow  

It doesn’t see that the form submission *by itself* can trigger a flow.

Am I missing something here? I thought this would be a standard capability?




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3 replies

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Hello @Rob_A,

Great question! 

At present, form submission themselves are not actually recorded as a standalone event. Typically, to trigger a flow when a contact fills out a form, you’ll want to create a Welcome Series flow, which is triggered by a list that the subscriber is being added to from the signup form. 

One limitation of a list triggered flow is that contacts can only go through this experience once and is initiated into the flow when they first join the list. One benefit of this would be preventing customers who have already subscribed to a list to continuously attempt to signup through the form again to receive discounts. A flow triggered by an event or metric would not have this limitation. Flows triggered by an event or metric will trigger as many times as the event/metric is recorded. 

To set up a flow that can be sent out repeated to customers for every time they submit a form, I would suggest creating your own custom metric/event to be used to trigger such a flow. If you chose to go in this direction, I would also highly recommend applying filters to prevent customers from queuing up multiple times in short succession through the Skip anyone who has been in this flow in the last X days filter as mentioned in the Why a Profile Is Queued in a Flow Multiple Times Help Center article.

Since this sort of behavior and event would be custom, I advise working with a developer you are familiar with or finding an accredited Klaviyo Partner to further assist you in building this custom event out. If you haven’t already, I suggest taking a look at some of the helpful resources Klaviyo offers on building your own custom events and leveraging Klaviyo’s API from the Help Center articles and documentations below:

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Thanks David!

A bit surprised custom code is required for a ‘form submitted’ event trigger.

Is there no way to create an event directly as part of the form submission config, or hack it with profile field setting or similar?

Cheers, Rob 

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Hey @Rob_A,

You may potentially be able to create an event as part of the form submission’s configuration if you were using a custom legacy form. Similarly, you may be able to build in a custom coded event to recognize when a form is filled out on your site to trigger the event to be sent to Klaviyo; which would accomplish the same thing. Using some sort of profile property wouldn’t work either as the only way to trigger a flow off of a profile property would be using a segment triggered flow; which has the same limitations of a list triggered flow where it would only be served once to customers.

Klaviyo’s behavior of triggering flows off of customers being added to a list rather than based off of a “form submission” event is to ensure those subscribers are consenting to receive marketing materials from your brand prior to sending out any emails. This behavior allows for the double opt-in process to take place and ensuring you are gathering explicit consent to correspond with them through their opt-in selection.