Is this possible? Build a flow to replace my loyalty programme

  • 3 October 2023
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Hi you sweet humans! 


I have a fair amount of people who have made repeat purchases with my apparel brand. 


I was thinking of implementing a loyalty programme but those aren’t cheap and then it’s just another tool I need to manage. 


I was wondering if this would be a smart idea. 

  1. Create a flow that only sends to qualifying customers (I’m not sure this is possible or what filters to use but they’d need to spend over a certain amount). 
  2. The flow will let them know that they’re now part of our VIP program which gets them certain benefits. 
  3. Send out a monthly or quarterly campaign with VIP deals. 


I could build out a pre-VIP flow that lets them know they’re a certain amount away from becoming a VIP. 


Has anyone does this, do you have any tips or guidelines for me to create these type of flows? 


My store is on Shopify.


Looking forward to getting any  help. 


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Hey @smileyrox - you could definitely work with a loyalty program structure like that within Klaviyo.

Segmentation is going to be key in the structure so defining your parameters is going to be huge. 
Let’s say for example:
Tier 1 is = Revenue is $199 or less AND Revenue is at least $50
Tier 2 is = Revenue is $400 or less AND Revenue is at least $200 
Tier 3 is = Revenue is at least $401 

You then could have people weaving in and out of those Tiers based on their total spend with your brand. Your flows could then be trigger based on when they join that segment to then welcome them into that Tier. (Refunds could cause a bit of weirdness here though)

The one thing that is not really going to be clean is if you wanted to do a points based program. You’d need a program for redeeming etc so if you do just a campaign that is like - Hey Tier 3’s here is your exclusive deals for the month, that could definitely work. 

For your Pre-VIP - that could be the segment for people who haven’t hit over $50 bucks or even just people who haven’t ordered yet but making that a flow trigger could be a bit wonky. Might work cleaner as a campaign?

Just brainstorming above but I think it could work if you just want a simple ranking system to then reward your subscribers.