Issue with Displaying Images in Klaviyo Replenishment Emails Based on Previous Orders

  • 18 March 2024
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Hello Klaviyo Community,

I'm currently facing multiple challenges with my replenishment email flor setup and would greatly appreciate your insights.

I'm encountering an issue with displaying images in replenishment emails based on profiles' previous orders. I've set up a dynamic block within a table triggered by fulfilled orders, allowing profiles to view and reorder items. While this works for other categories, I'm facing three specific problems:

  1. There's a particular category, 'Magic Mushroom Chocolate,' where the products aren't displaying as dynamic images. Strangely, this issue doesn't occur for other product categories.
  1. In my personal email tests, the dynamic images are not displaying, despite titles being present. However, when I preview in Klaviyo's tool, the images appear as expected for multiple fulfilled orders except the  for the one I mentioned above that there's a specific category that's not showing even in Klaviyo preview tool and even in my email test.

    3. I've implemented a dynamic button at the bottom of the product block to redirect profiles to their previous orders. However, upon clicking the button, the link redirects only to the first product displayed, rather than the specific product clicked.

This is the preview for the specific category that are not showing the dynamic images for each product.

This is the other category of products that are displaying dynamic images in Klaviyo preview tool, but when testing in my email, the images are not displaying anymore.

I've thoroughly researched and exhausted Klaviyo's resources, but I'm stumped on resolving these image display issues. Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


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7 replies

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@JaneImpelido hey, thanks for you question - quite the pickle!

A few things that come to mind off the top of my head would be that there’s either a privacy/safety issue preventing image URLs from being loaded in Klaviyo, or that there’s an image size problem in your variable.

This doesn’t show in your screenshot, but in the “event properties” section there’s should be an ImageURL line that would point towards the image on Shopify.

To call this information into your email, you need to use the proper callback function which is displayed below “event.ImageURL...”. 

If this hasn’t been properly called into your email, then it wouldn’t be properly rendered.

In the “default” section of the line, you can actually insert a default image your recipients would see if the main image can’t be loaded, so this might be something of a workaround.

In my opinion, there’s either something blocking your URLs from unfurling when rendered, or there’s an image size problem where you’re trying to call the image differently from how it’s passed into the event via the integration.

Let me know once you’ve double-checked this, I’m happy to chat further!

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Hi @StefanUE!

Thank you so much for your response and suggestions! 

I've checked the event properties section, and while I do see ImageURL lines for individual products, I couldn't find a single link that represents all previous orders. It seems like I'll need to find a way to connect these individual product URLs into a single dynamic image display for each order.

Can you please help verify if the codes are correct? 


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@JaneImpelido hey, that’s no problem at all!

One thing I’m noticing is that this has a mistake in it:

You’re using a double set of brackets at the end of the line there. Could this be the culprit? Let’s find out!

I’ll look into this a bit more as well but at first glance everything else checks out.

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Hi @StefanUE . I already removed it but I’m still getting the same issue :(

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Hi @StefanUE 

Regarding your suggestion about inserting a default image in the "default" section of the line to display if the main image can't be loaded. I came across the same article you mentioned, "Klaviyo / Shopify Order Confirmation: Display Variant Image,"  while trying to troubleshoot my current issue.

I attempted to use the formula provided in the article, but unfortunately, it didn't work on my end. Instead, I ended up with the default missing icon. To further check, I duplicated the setup into two tables for testing purposes.

The first table utilized my previous formula for the dynamic image: {{ item.Variant.Image.URL|default:'' }}. Meanwhile, in the second table, I used the formula from the article. However, it still displayed the missing image icon.

I've tried various approaches to resolve this issue but haven't had any success so far. Could you please help me on how to make this workaround function correctly?

Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,


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@JaneImpelido hey, so the {default:’’} section needs to have a URL inserted between the quotation marks to actually work.

e.g. if you insert {{event.ImageURL|default:’’}} this will then display the appropriate default callback URL instead of the “noimage” placeholder.

Another potential workaround would be to possibly try and display all the products in the array separately, as individual line items.

So you’d have event.extra.items0, event.extra.items1, and so forth for any number of products previously ordered.

That’s as far as I’m able to get to at his stage I’m afraid.


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Thank you so much for your help @StefanUE . I will try this :)