List flow- 2nd email not sending

  • 13 September 2021
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I have a Flow created with a list.

Email 1

wait 3 minutes

email 2

wait 5 minutes 



The first email is sending then no more are sending. 

I have smart sending switched off on all emails - 

I have additions filters switched on.

It’s not a segment flow.

I created the flow then put it live and tested it with a new email. 

I can't work out why it’s not sending. 

Please help


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3 replies

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Hi! Welcome to the community.  Would love to see what’s going on, problem solving flows is one of my fav activities :) (is that weird?).


Anyways, would you be able to send a screenshot of your flow setup including the filters you have on there? That will help us to see what’s going on. 



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Thank you for your reply here is the screen shot


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Appreciate the screenshot, it looks like you do have Smart Sending on, so that 2nd email won’t be sent:



To remove it, click on that email and then you’ll see options on the left hand side to toggle the smart sending off:



Curious, what’s the use case here for sending 2 emails within such a short timeframe? 


If it’s that close together, why not include it in the same email (I would guess it would have a higher open rate than the 2 back to back - might be wrong though - test, test, test :))