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  • 2 February 2022
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I want to address our customers personally, with their first and last name. I would add the following variable:

Hi {{ first_name }}{{ last_name }}

If I only have the first name or last name or neither, I want an alternative/ fallback to appear like “Hi there” Where do I have to put the default?


Thanks in advance! 


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2 replies

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The Klaviyo support mentioned the following: 

“each variable (“last name”and “first name”) would be taken separately, so we can't filter them together. If we have the variable we would show it, otherwise we would show the default one but the two variables wouldn't be linked”

Does anyone have a solution how to solve the problem?

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Hey @Sandrine 

Thank you so much for coming to the Klaviyo Community for help with your personalization variables! 

You can work around this with if/else logic or the show/hide function. Both of these links will walk you through how to use each depending on what you want to show in place of first and last name. Depending on how you want to approach this will determine which method you will want to use. Also @retention has a really great response on another community thread about a similar topic. You can check it out here: 

Definitely check out everything I included here, and you should be able to accomplish what you are trying to do. Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!