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  • 14 March 2022
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HI there!


New-ish to the community and wondering if this is the optimal set up for my post-purchase flow. Any help is greatly appreciated! I don’t want people bombarded with emails so here are the factors I considered:

  • Weekly emails already include products (we don’t have tons of new ones regularly) and occasional sales
  • Shopify is currently sending out a whole bunch of transactional emails: order confirm, shipping, out for delivery and delivered.
  • 3 segments: New customer, Ordered at least three times, Ordered at least three times and $value over $500.

Question 1:

If someone places an order 3 times with $value over 500 and gets email C, then comes back 3 months later and orders a 4th time with $value under 500, how do I prevent them from getting email B?


Question 2:

Does this flow ensure each profile only goes through this flow once? I’m worried about someone who comes back and orders “4 times over all time” and gets either email B or C a second time.


Question 2:

Since I wanted to be sure to ask for a review after their package delivered, I added in the “Fulfilled Order” split. (We don’t have any third-party fulfillment, but here seems to be varying descriptions as to what “fullfilled” on Shopify means). Will this ensure I’m asking for review after delivery?


Thank you all in advance!


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Hi @kara123,

Thanks for sharing this question with the community.

Before we jump into your main questions - I had a quick observation based on your screenshot. You currently have users who are placing at least 3 (3 or more) orders going down the second leg of the split. Judging by your inquiry, it sounds like you want users who placed 3 or more to go down the “$value greater than 500” leg of the split, if that is indeed the case, you’ll want to update the second conditional split to “placed order equals 2 times over all time”. That way, users who place 3 or more orders will go down the 3rd leg of the split for $value if they meet the 500 threshold, if not, they’ll simply exit the flow.

Now onto your questions…

  1. The simplest way to skip someone from a flow, is to use the filter “Has not been in this flow” you’ll find that under “Flow Filters” in the dropdown menu: 

    Select the “at any time” option to skip anyone who’s already entered prior. You’ll have the option to skip anyone “at any time”, meaning if they’ve ever been in this flow before, skip them. Alternatively, select a specific time-frame to exclude them from the flow i.e. if they’ve passed through this flow already in the last 90 days, skip them.

    1. Nope! So that’s exactly why you’d implement the above “skip anyone” solution.
    2. You can include “Fulfilled Order” in the flow but I do not recommend it. You’re much better off setting up a separate flow triggered off of “Fulfilled Order” and sending review emails from there. The rationale behind this is using “Fulfilled Order” as a conditional split will rely on the timing of the flow to work out which can be quite precarious i.e. if the user runs through all the emails in the flow and then the order is subsequently fulfilled, they will “miss the window” to receive the fulfilled order email. Setting up a flow triggered off of “Fulfilled Order” will ensure that the email is queued-up to dispatch when the order is actually fulfilled in your ecommerce store and therefore does not rely on the timing of the flow. I recommend looking at this article on how to build a product review flow. 

Also, consider checking out the following threads for further guidance: 

I hope that helps :)


Hi Dov!


Thanks so much for the time I’m sure it took to explain all that to me. I didn’t want to jumble too many questions into one, but I was thinking the reviews should be another different flow. Thank you!!


As for your answers, here’s my additional questions :)


Question 1 :

We don’t want people getting another email after a second purchase. I feel with our weekly newsletter, that would be too much. As such, I’ve kept the flow at “equals 3 or more orders.” However, when I try to add your recommendation of “has NOT been in flow” - that option is unavailable:

I did find this thread where you solved this problem by eliminating people who “received email zero times.” However, that would mean if user got a weekly email right before this flow (considered a “received email”), they would not get this offer.


Here’s my updated WIP Post-purchase flow for your input (at your convenience), amended with your reccos:

Many thanks!

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Hi @kara123,

Thank you for your reply.

There are a couple of scenarios in which you won’t see the “Has not been in this flow” filter. The first is if you are triggering a flow off of a list or a segment. The rationale here is users can only pass through a list or segment-triggered flow one time, so we do not include the option to “skip them” on their second time through since that would be redundant. Of course that isn’t the case for you here since you’re using a metric-triggered flow.

In your case, you need to click on the trigger block of the flow (Placed Order) then click on “Flow Filters” and then set the condition to “Has not been in this flow”:

Once this is set-up, it will apply to everyone entering the flow.

For more information on filtering in flows, I recommend checking out our article here.

Thanks for being a member of our community.


Ah! Thank you, I found “has not been in this flow” trigger!!

Thanks to you, I think I may have figured this out! Let’s see:

  • I set the “Has not received this email” filter on the ACTUAL emails #6, #4 and #3  not the initial “Placed Order” trigger.
  • I kept the Placed Order conditional split to “at least 3 over all time.” So we don’t bombard people who only order 2 times.
  • People continue to come into the flow but the email-specific additional filters prevent anyone from receiving it more than once. Here it is:

Please say yes :)

Great article, fyi!


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Hi @kara123,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes that all sounds correct to me :)

Thanks for being a member of our community.