Product review flow which tracks submission using Shopify Review App?

  • 24 March 2021
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Hi there,

I know this was posted already but there wasn’t a solution that I could see. Could anyone please help me with this ? :) I’d like to create a flow with the following:

  • Review email sent to the customer
  • Customer reviews product using the email linked to their account
  • Email is then sent to customer with thank you email with gift

Is it then possible to create a list of those people somewhere in Klaviyo? So If i wanted to do a prize draw at the end of the month, I could easily pull this data out?


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3 replies

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Just klaviyo, it doesn’t take review info but if you integrate, swell, or some other review apps you can integrate and you will see who reviewed products and how in your store..

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Thanks Bobi, I have seen it done by another brand so I know it’s possible without integration. But thanks for your response.

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Thank you @outsidegang for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

Since Klaviyo does not have a direct integration with Shopify's Product Reviews, we do not have a way to pass review data from Shopify to Klaviyo through the Shopify integration. 

Since our product review flow, is triggered by the Fulfilled Order event, customers will be able to receive the review email around the time they receive their order. This makes the Klaviyo product review email a convenient one to include a link to a section on your product page where reviews can be posted for that item. We have a great resource from our help center explaining how to build this out: Link Customers to the Review Area on a Page.

Also, @Bobi N. is absolutely correct, Klaviyo integrates with several third party review apps including and Yotpo, that you may want to explore as an alternative to your product review strategy.

Thanks and have a great day.