Replenishment Flow Best Practice

  • 5 September 2023
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I’m trying to figure out the best performing but most customer friendly replenishment flow process. 

The replenishment is for only 1 product in the product range, so it needs to be filtered based on a trigger of ordering that particular product. The next order can also be determined by the quantity of products the customer ordered. 

How can I A/B test 2 different approaches using both static delays and reminders against using predictive analytics and sending emails based on the next expected order date? 

The complexity makes it difficult to:

  • Setup because of the various conditions and branches
  • Measure the impact and compare performance

Should I do this in separate flows that are split by the random sample condition and update a property? Or try to do it all in one? 

I can’t quite envisage which is the best way to tackle this yet.


Best answer by David To 6 September 2023, 16:02

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Hey @DanP,

I don’t really think there’s a right or wrong answer towards testing which outcomes performs better. It’s really going to depend how you want to build the test out and how comfortable you are with analyzing two sets of data. 

I personally like to keep tests all within one flow to keep things simple and make sure users don’t fall through the cracks and potentially receive both tests. 

If you need more hands on assistance to help come up with an A/B test strategy, I would suggest reaching out to our expansive network of Klaviyo Partners through our Partner Directory