Setting Up Email Flows for "Added to Cart" That Load All Items

  • 16 April 2024
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Hello everyone,

I'm reaching out to the community to understand a recent issue we've encountered with our "Added to Cart" email flows in Klaviyo using Shopify. In the past, our flows were set up similarly to "Started Checkout" flows where each email would iterate over every item added to the cart, creating a detailed table of all products the customer showed interest in.

However, we've hit a snag. Currently, when the "Added to Cart" event triggers an email, it only pulls one item, despite multiple items being added to the cart. This is in contrast to the "Started Checkout" trigger, where the iteration works flawlessly, listing all items in the checkout table.

We've contacted Klaviyo support, and they're now indicating that the "Added to Cart" trigger will only ever show one item. This is puzzling because we have a history of "Added to Cart" flows that did exactly what we're trying to achieve now. How could we have multiple flows set up in the past that worked this way if it was never supported?

Has anyone else experienced this issue or found a workaround? It seems like a significant design limitation, especially since "Added to Cart" is an important trigger that can indicate a customer's buying intent just as much as "Started Checkout."

Any insights, shared experiences, or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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Hi @bunnyb,

Thank you for posting your question in the community. The Add to Cart does function slightly different than the Checkout Started both in how it fires and in what data is passed through the event to Klaviyo.

The Added to Cart event fires for every product as they are added to your online cart, similar to how the Viewed Product functions when someone views a new product page, the Viewed Product event fires for every page view. 

Because the Added to Cart event fire for each individual product added to the cart, it does not include any detail about items already existing in the cart, this is why, you will only see the product details for the last item added to the cart. 

You’ll also see in the Klaviyo documentation about setting up flow filters on your Added to Cart flow to limit the number of times someone should be entered into the flow, otherwise, the Added to Cart flow could send an email for every product a user adds. 

That said, there is one workaround, a fellow Klaviyo Champion @Bobi N.  shared recently that could work. The original suggestion was for the Viewed Product event, but given the Added to Cart and Viewed Product events function very similarly, I think this could be a good solution for you. 

Ie… setting up a Product Feed based on the recent Added to Cart items.

I hope this helps!

@In the Inbox 

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Thank you @In the Inbox  for your prompt response.

Currently, I'm utilizing Shopify's cart abandonment email feature, which correctly allows loading all items in the cart as expected. I plan to experiment with the answer you suggested, to see if I can achieve similar functionality. If we find ourselves managing our email marketing across two platforms due to a lack of comprehensive features in one, it might be time to consider alternative solutions. I'll share my results here shortly.






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As far back as I can recall, Added to Cart metric has been a single product trigger.

Thinking of it like someone has just hit the add to cart button on site and it is capturing that single moment as where Checkout Started is that full cart being abandoned. Honestly I find it most useful for your returning customer-base than anything. To add an extra wrinkle here too, I’ve run through A/B tests with different client types and find that an email that showcases the full cart items vs just one item doesn’t have a high affect on your CTR as much as it may seem. So normally I even just build abandoned checkout flows with the first item left in their cart and get just as good CTR if not better.