Shopify/Klaviyo: is there a way to send better product recommendations?

  • 15 September 2023
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Hi All,

We are using Klaviyo for a Shopify brand that has thousands of products (apparel store with graphic tees).

We want to build out a flow in Klaviyo that sends out regular emails (ex: few times per week), that acts like a newsfeed that contains product recommendations based on the topic category of the graphic tee they purchased (ex: customers who purchased dog shirts to only be recommended dog shirts and people who purchased cat shirts only get recommended cat shirts).

I've been searching but can't seem to find any tools or a method that can recommend products that any given customer is more likely to buy, but keep the product recommendations fresh.

Klaviyo has ways to create product feeds to get part way there, but....

  1. If we were to set this up as a flow to send multiple times per week, each customer will likely keep getting fed the same products. Is there some way we can only show products that have not already been recommended to that customer?

  2. Klaviyo has an option to show "Products a customer may also like", but the options seem limited. For example, if I want to only show customers who purchased dog shirts to only be recommended dog shirts and people who purchased cat shirts to only get cat shirts, the only way seems to have a separate segment and product feed pairing for each category. But with a large number of categories this can be difficult to manage. Is there some way to have all of this set up in a single segment and feed?

Would love to hear any of your suggestions or opinions on how we can manage this better.

If you have any alternative tools, apps, plugins, integrations, etc that can help send better product recommendations, or AI driven product recommendations, I'm all ears for that too.



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@AC0 Klaviyo recommendations are unique to each subscriber unless it doesn’t have enough data on that individual - in that case they’d default to best sellers. They also will never recommend an item the customer has already purchased. 


Have you tested this out with some specific subscribers? If you preview the email as a specific email you’ll see exactly what they’ll see - so you can get a sense of how accurate the product recommendations are. It’s probably not as good as a 3rd party tool that focuses on personalization, but in my experience they’ve been pretty good. 


Depending on how many product categories you have, you COULD use dynamic content to show different product feeds in the same email. You’d have to tag people’s profiles to do it and then create separate product feeds based on the product categories but it’s doable. 


The only thing to watch out for is the size of your email.  Other’s have mentioned here that even though the content isn’t visible for the subscriber, the code is still there and contributes to the overall size of the email and could get clipped in gmail. I personally haven’t actually run into this; even if it has a warning in the builder. But something to be aware of. 


You could look at a tool like Nosto or other similar personalization platforms. Some of them have product recommendations that you can use with Klaviyo. 


The other thing to consider that in many cases I find just the act of sending the email is enough to get the purchase. If you have a big list, a wide product assortment and a budget to invest in a 3rd party platform to handle this, awesome… but if it’s a stretch it might not be enough of an ROI to bother. Totally depends on where you’re at in your business though. 


Hope that helps!