Using Klaviyo for third party app emails notifications

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I request your help once again. In my Shopify store I use some third part apps. Some apps have the feature to be integrated with Klaviyo, so I prefer to keep the same style and so Klaviyo manages those email notifications.

One example, an app which manages the shipping. This app sends some emails based on the status of shipping because in linked to my transport company.

Well, when I create a template in Klaviyo I need to insert some app's variables, for example {{shipment_status}}. Klaviyo saves the template without any problem.

Soon after I create a flow where the trigger is an event from my app, no problem also. This is the trigger

And this the flow:

The issue is when I select the email template within the flow becuase Klaviyo says "The template you have selected contains invalid syntax. Please click here to edit it." It's obvious Klaviyo doesn't recognize {{shipment_status}}, but this variable will be provided from my app.

Is there a way for Klaviyo to ignore these variables? Because the same thing happens to me when I want to import templates which have variables that Klaviyo does not recognize.




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Hey @mrosique 

Thanks for reaching out again for help! Happy to jump in here to help figure out why the syntax isnt working correctly.

My first question is, does this syntax already belong to a profile? Klaviyo will not recognize it as correct until at least 1 profile has this profile property. The easiest way to do this would be to send a test event from the app you want to use to Klaviyo. Once this has passed into Klaviyo to your test profile, you shouldn’t have any issues using the syntax. 

Second, how did you discover this profile property? Was it from documentation for implementation or did you find it after setting up the flow trigger and collecting it from a populated profile for testing?

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Thank you @stephen.trumble for your kind answer.

After many changes, I solved the problem. I post it here in case my humble contribution can be useful for someone.

The first checking is Preview & text > Event > Select the event. The first issue is when the event isn't displayed, therefore the syntax will be wrong in any case.

The second issue in syntax (in my case) was the UTM, I copied and pasted the UTM for my URL link from Shopify, directly, and Klaviyo didn't recognize the code, so the whole template syntax was wrong, just by a simple link. I wrote the UTM code from the begining using regular variables instead of using specific Shopify variables.

Thanks once more