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Hi Community,


I recently integrated my Shopify store with Klaviyo, I followed everything on the startup page and created a welcome series flow but unfortunately the flow is not triggering I have tried from multiple devices and different email addresses. I have gone through all other related topics and nothing seems to work. 
I have tried the following:

  1. Double checked the flow list (newsletter)
  2. Changed list preference to single-opt 
  3. Duplicated the flow 
  4. Flow is live and active 

Any help and guidance is highly appreciated. Looking forward to learn more about Klaviyo and be part of this amazing community. 



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I would say go backwards and check where the problem is happening..

  • First try subscribing with any email and see if it is added to klaviyo at all by searching for it in the search box profiles section. if the email is not subscribed you will need to fix the integration
  • if the email is subscribed to a list then check if it is the same list that is triggering your welcome flow. If it is not go back to the integration and change the main list you set as subscription email list or go to the flow and change the trigger list of the welcome flow
  • if you are subscribed to the light list then go to the welcome flow you have and check your flow filters to see if maybe you added some flow filters that are stopping you from receiving the emails. If there are some filters like that see if they make sense and leave them or remove them according to your needs
  • if there are no such filters then look at the report details for the first flow email and see if the email was sent to you or it maybe bounced or was skipped for some reason. There is also possibility your email was sent to spam so maybe you should check spam folder to..

Hi Bobi N, I am facing the same issue as mentioned in this thread, I have read your four points and everything seems to be in place. I also checked my spam folder but didnt get the Welcome Email.

Ive checked that the email i used is subscribed to the list and received the opt in email, Following that, ive made sure that there were no filters and that “the email qualifies for the flow”

I look forward to your assistance.

Kind regards,

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Hey @firefox363,

Glad to hear you checked through @Bobi N.’s points!

Out of curiosity, was your flow already built out and set live before your subscribers were added to a list? 

Keep in mind that flows are not retroactive. This means that if you did not already have your welcome series flow built out and set live, before users were added to the list that triggers the flow, they would not be automatically served the flow. This behavior is called out in our How to create a list-triggered flow Help Center article.

Another common mistake members run into is having smart sending enabled. This feature is a tool that helps ensure your customers are not receiving too many messages in quick succession. Because of this, sometimes, it may cause users to be skipped from receiving these messages if they’ve previously received other messages from you. 

I hope this helps!


Thanks so much David,

Turning off “smart sending” worked

Hope this will help others too.

Kind regards,
Sidney Wong