Welcome Series Flow - not working?

  • 18 May 2021
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Hi All

We need help!!

We have set up a welcome series flow for our newsletter subscribers but are hitting a few bumps in the road which we cannot seem to resolve!

Our Klaviyo account is integrated with shopify and when anyone subscribes to our newsletter via our shopify webpage their email address is automatically shown on our profiles page within Klaviyo which is great.

We have set the trigger of our welcome series flow to be activated when people subscribe to the newsletter (list). We could not find a way to automatically direct people who subscribe through our shopify webpage into this Newsletter list in Klaviyo and so have instead had to add them manually. Is there a way around this?

The main issue however is that our flow is not working. We have set up everything and the flow is set to live so should be actioning. However when I check the analytics there are no recipients whatsoever?! We only have around  5 subscribers in our Newsletter list at the moment (which is the trigger list for the flow) but none of these are shown as recipients. We have looked through all the available help resources but nothing specifically answers these issues we are facing.

We would be very grateful for any help in resolving this.

Kind Regards.



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Hi @WilliamsEllen, Thanks for sharing with the community today!

Let’s start with your question about newsletter subscribers. In order for contacts that subscribe through a Shopify form to be added to your list, make sure your integration settings point to the correct list. If you are using a third-party Shopify theme or page-builder, you may also need to add an additional code snippet to ensure that contacts are automatically added. Alternatively, you could consider using a Klaviyo form instead to collect subscribers before your site launches.

Regarding your second question, contacts should receive the welcome flow when they are added to the trigger list, either by subscribing themselves or by being manually added. However, if the contact was added to the list before the message was live, they will not receive it unless you back populate the flow. They will also be skipped if they fail any filters you have in place or if you use smart sending and they recently received another message, in which case you can find them in the “Skipped” section of the flow message’s recipient activity. 

I hope this helps!

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Hi Julia

Thanks for helping with this issue.

We have had a play around with the integration settings, as well as adding the additional code snippet. Unfortunately this does not seem to have resolved the issue. We have played around with adding a new email via the shopify contact form on our website but this is not automatically assigning these details to the ‘newsletter’ list in Klaviyo. We are using the shopify contact form which is integrating fine by adding the customers to the ‘profile’ tab in Klaviyo but this is as far as the integration goes. These details are not automatically being added to the designated list (in this case, the newsletter list). Within the contact form set up on shopify, we have also added ‘newsletter’ as a tag to no avail. We are quite lost at how to resolve this! Grateful for any further advice/suggestions.


Kind Regards



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Hey @WilliamsEllen,

Building off of @Julia.LiMarzi, does your list which is set to trigger the welcome series flow have double opt-in enabled

If so, keep in mind that contacts who subscribe through this form, but do not confirm their subscription per the double opt-in email would not be added to the designated list and would instead only have a profile created for them within your Klaviyo account. Since this contact was not added to the list they would not be served the welcome series flow. 

Another area to double check would be to see if your welcome series flow is actually turned on and set Live. In the event the emails within the flow are set to either Manual or Draft, then your flow wouldn’t be fully turned on to serve to your contacts automatically. You can find more information regarding flow status and how to set your flow Live from the How to Enable a Flow to Start Sending article.

I would also suggest reviewing some similar solved Community post surrounding this topic such as the one below, to see if any of the solutions provided worked for you. Let us know if any of them worked for you! I’m sure other Community members who may be following along would find the solution helpful as well!

Thanks for being a part of our Klaviyo Community!