What happens to users who are queued in an automation email if we edit the email or add a variation or A / B test?

  • 19 May 2021
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We have recently started using Klaviyo and we are beginning to familiarize ourselves with automation or flows.

We have noticed that when we have an email in an active flow and we edit it, either changing the position of this email for another in the flow or adding a variation, the people who received that email do not go to the next one in the flow. Is it possible that this means that any change in the flow means that the people who started it can no longer receive the following emails after having modified the flow?

I attach an example of one of our flows to make it clearer:

We have this flow that is activated when someone joins that segment. Approximately 1000 people have received that email and should move on to the second email in the flow.

We have edited and added a variation in that first email and if we look at the second email of the flow, we see that only 134 people comply with the conditional split but that none are waiting in the second email of the flow. Is there something we are doing wrong?

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Hi! Congrats on starting to use Klaviyo, you’ll love it :)


So, it sounds like it’s a timing thing of when you added the new steps.  Quick answer is if you want those who already finished that first step to get the second email at Day 15, you’ll need to Back-Populate the flow because those previous subscribers have already exited the flow.


Here’s a Klaviyo help article that explains it:


Here’s a link that describes how to Back-Populate a flow: