How can I track when someone leaves a product review?

  • 18 February 2021
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I’m using the product review/ cross sell flow.  How can I configure this flow to also track or create a customer property that a review was left? I don’t want the customer to do an additonal step after leaving a review. 

I believe there is a way to add a customer property with a value based on leaving a review.  How do I get klaviyo to know someone left a review?  

sort of like the information that is stated in the document called “include ratings links or NPS surveys in an email”  

{% update_property_link 'profile_property' 'property_value' 'redirect_link' %}

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2 replies

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@tiryoriginals - Assuming you’re on Shopify, are you using a review platform by any chance?  Or, are you using the Shopify Review App?  


@retention Yes, I’m using Shopify and have Shopify “Product Review” App installed.  Sending a klaviyo template flow asking for review pointing customer to the review area on the product page.