Inserting custom $ value into email based on Fulfilled order value

  • 1 February 2021
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Hi All,


I’m sending out a loyalty email campaign to all profiles who have reached a certain fulfilled order value and the customer would like some text to inform the recipient how much more they would have to spend to reach the next threshold. 

Example: Your current spend: $30 spend an extra $270 to reach the next value.


Is there a way to do this so that each email recipient gets a unique $value until the next teir?



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@Prosper - Are you trying to use the last (most recent) Fulfilled Order value or all time?  For example, if a user spent $30 two years ago, do they qualify for the next threshold?

If you’re using all time purchases, you can instead use the “Customer Lifetime Value” and export that from a Segment, calculate the difference, and import the difference into your own custom property that you can use to lookup to use in your template. 

To use a custom property, is similar to using any other Profile Property via template variable tags.  See this guide for more explanation: Template Tags and Variable Syntax - Custom Properties

Which loyalty platform are you using?  There might be an easier way depending on what data your loyalty platform provides to Klaviyo.


Thanks Joseph!

We’re using the all time value, so if we export the value, then in a spreadsheet calculate the difference, we can upload that number to a custom property. But we would need to do that constantly as this is a flow is that correct?

The customer is using Pronto, I might have a look into how that integrates.