Logo appearing twice in abandonment email


So I made a flow for abandonment emails (actually took default flow one and modified). Even though there is clearly only one logo block, the test email shows 2 logos as if 2 blocks. Anyone know what’s up?


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Any chance you're viewing your emails on mobile?

It can be that the logo block on desktop is set to show on “desktop and mobile” (Block Styles) and that you also have a logo block in the mobile view that set to only show on mobile.

Had the same issue. Thanks!

Having the same problem, except there is only one block set to show on both Desktop & Mobile. I also tried making a separate logo to display only on Desktop and only on Mobile. That still showed two logos on my phone.

When having the logo set to only show on Desktop, viewing on my mobile phone shows only one logo. However, the preview within Klaviyo only shows the logo in the Desktop view. Is this a fix or is there something else I need to do?


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@Alex92 curious to know if you have actually tried sending yourself a test email to see if this appears on the email itself, or just previewing it in Klaviyo? It’s definitely strange that you would have set individual blocks for mobile and for desktop, but still seeing two logon on mobile but not desktop. It might also be helpful if you send us some screenshots of the two (please withhold any sensitive info!), and maybe your settings on the blocks too. 

Hi @cassy.lee,

In the Klaviyo preview window it shows up correctly.both the desktop and mobile preview only show one logo. However, I sent a test email to myself and when viewing it on both android and iPhone, two logos appear.

Here are the settings for the block:

On my phone, when only Desktop is selected, the logo shows up still, but only once. When show on desktop and mobile is selected, two logos show up on my phone.


Thanks for your help!

I’m having the same issue - no solution so far. 

I did some testing and looks like the double logo is only showing up in mobile and yahoo accounts. Works fine in mobile and gmail accounts (haven’t checked other email providers). 


I did find a workaround: Instead of using the Header/Link Block, I just replaced it with a simple image block. Resulted in only showing one image on both desktop and mobile.

AWESOME!!! lol funny I didn’t even think of that. Thanks for sharing. Works like a charm! 


It looks like this is still a bug. Preview emails sent to myself look ok, when customers forward my emails, the header is doubled.


This is still happening but only when customers forward the emails to me. Previews in Klaviyo and sends are ok, so this is not as high of a priority but still a bug.

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Hi @JaSn,

Thank you for your feedback.

Can you confirm you have tried the solution outlined by @Alex92 of using an image block instead of a header/link block? Klaviyo Header/Link Bar blocks actually have 2 logos in the HTML, one for Desktop and one for Mobile. Some email clients will ignore the styling to only show 1 of these logos and load both, so using the image block instead should help you avoid the double-header problem. You can then add a “links/buttons only” header block to complete the header.



Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.


This is still happening but only when customers forward the emails to me. Previews in Klaviyo and sends are ok, so this is not as high of a priority but still a bug.

This is my exact problem as well.

I will try the fix of using an image block instead of a header/link block but given that the header/link block is a default on Klaviyo it should be fixed ASAP.

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Hey @nectarspearfishing,

Thanks for sharing that feedback with the Community!

This behavior of seeing duplicate logos when forwarding emails is actually an action caused by how the inbox providers are rendering these forwarded emails.

Both Litmus and Email on Acid have great blog articles explaining this behavior as well as highlighting some solutions that may help in the way forwarded emails render:


I am concurrantly having an identical problem

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Hello @KingOfKlav,

Did you happen to try out the solution posed by @Alex92 and @dov.derin of replacing the header block/link block with an image block?

If so, I would recommend checking to see if these emails are actually either being forwarded or if you are seeing these emails being threaded. I’ve elaborated further on email threading and how it may cause logos and headers to duplicate from the below Community posts:

Hope this helps!


I have this problem, but instead of just the logo, every single block in forwarded emails end up doubled.

Only started happening recently.

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FWIW I am also having this problem. Everything looks fine until I go to forward the preview. 

Will try the image workaround. 

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Hello @Danny and @wernstrom,

Did you have a chance to take a look at the blog posts I referenced in one of my comments above? If not, i’ve gone ahead and shared them again below while including some other resources that may help.

Forwarding emails is known to break the formats of your emails and may cause duplication of the elements within your emails. This is ultimately caused by how the inbox providers are rereading and rendering the HTML code of these forwarded emails as detailed in the blog articles below. 

Have a great day!


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Hi David, thanks for the links. Using the image block instead worked. Thanks!