Profiles signing up to Welcome Series but not triggering Abandoned Browse?

  • 25 August 2022
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I’m having trouble with our Abandoned Browse flow and wondering if someone could help? Basically, the people that are signing up to the Welcome Series and Viewing Products are entering the Welcome Series but not the Abandoned Browse and the Viewed Product metric isn’t triggering. 

I’ve checked the Shopify integration and both the Viewed Product and Active on Site are working correctly as I’ve tested using the UTM testing in the help article and all customers that have signed up to the Welcome Series have double opted in. I’ve also checked Smart Sending for Abandoned Browse and it’s currently off. 

It’s only the one email that we have in the Abandoned Browse so customers aren’t going to be bombarded by emails and I want to get this fixed ASAP. 


Thank you in advance!


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Hi @Meg Fellows,

Thanks for sharing this question with us. I’m glad to hear people are successfully entering your welcome flow.

When you look through your Viewed Product events, are you noticing that they’re only logged for your profile, or is the Viewed Product metric logged for other individuals as well? If it’s only being logged for your tests using the UTM parameter, are you collecting users through a Klaviyo sign-up form or another 3rd party form re-directing to your list? I ask because a 3rd party sign-up form will not necessarily cookie the user, which is a requirement for the Browse Abandonment flow to work. If Viewed Product is being logged for multiple users but they’re not populating in the flow, then the issue lies at the flow level.

I recommend reviewing the best answer from the thread below which provides some further ideas on why a user may not enter a flow (you can ignore the last paragraph in that answer):

Additionally, I would also look for any potential skip reasons. In this case, the user is qualifying for the flow but skipping the email for one reason or another. I also recommend checking out Troubleshooting a Flow for further solutions.

I hope that’s helpful.

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We see this a bunch with our Shopify clients that are using a Shopify popup or an embedded form within the Shopify theme vs a Klaviyo popup or form. 

If youre not using the Klaviyo popups, I would recommend switching to klaviyo versions since the popup logic is a lot better than most theme popups anyways.