Unique vs. Total Opens and Clicks

  • 26 July 2022
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I want to bring your attention towards campaign and flow reporting. Specifically, Unique vs. Total Clicks under ‘Link Activity’.


Unique clicks means clicks that unique users made and it avoids any duplicate clicks from the users. Whereas ‘Total clicks’ would include all clicks even when a user clicks the same link more than once. So, the number of total clicks should be higher that unique clicks. And so is mentioned in the article:


However, that’s not the case in actual reporting. Unique clicks are higher and include duplicate clicks.

Am I missing something? Please check.


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2 replies

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Hi there @Sanket,

Thanks for surfacing this in the Community. It appears that this has been noticed by our engineering team and they have worked on fixing this bug. Please check your account to see if you are still seeing this bug appear and followup with our Support team if you are seeing an issue still.




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Hello Alex,

Yes, I can confirm that it’s fixed at my end. Thanks for your reply.

PS: I already sent a ticket to support.