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  • 10 May 2023
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Hello, a client is interested in creating a page to showcase old emails that have been sent since some of the content is evergreen. Does Klaviyo have a template like this out of the box? If not, what would you suggest that can automate this process so they don’t need to be added manually?


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Hi @smclea! Welcome to the community!


I was recently part of a similar discussion around how to re-share archived email newsletters with people on social media, or your website.


The short answer is this is not something Klaviyo currently supports beyond taking a screenshot of an email preview, nor is it something you can automate. 


But this gives you an opportunity! Previously sent emails with evergreen content are an excellent reason to create a blog on your client’s site, if they don’t have one already. That way even if someone’s not ready to purchase, you can give people a good reason to stay on the client’s site, decrease their bounce rate, and also share evergreen content with your new subscribers who might not have already seen it. 


This is the best path forward for what you’re trying to accomplish. The content reading UX will be higher quality for your client’s audience if it’s presented as a blog on their website. 


These blog articles could then be repurposed as new emails for flows like the Welcome Series, or maybe even a Sunset flow.


If you’re interested in seeing the more detailed answer and the discussion we had around this topic, you can find that here


I hope this helps!

~ Gabrielle


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