Disable iOS from making a shipping tracking number clickable

  • 4 October 2022
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I am using Klaviyo email flow for sending shipping confirmation email with shipping tracking id.

When I open the email in iPhone’s native mail client, it makes the tracking number a clickable link that tries to redirect to the shipping provider’s side (say UPS).

Is there any way we can prevent iPhone’s this behaviour?



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3 replies

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Hi @justin.parmar,

Thanks for that clarification.

Given what you’re describing, it doesn’t sound like a solution we’re able to action on our end. I recommend exploring the apple community for more insight into this. 

Here are a few articles I found on the topic: (here & here). According to one user, you cannot disable hyperlinks for received messages. I wasn’t able to track down a discussion specifically on tracking number hyperlinking, but it’s worth revisiting the forum and/or creating a new question there to help get this resolved.

Thanks for being a community member.


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Hi @justin.parmar,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

I would try wrapping the tag using an anchor tag and !important to override the color.

Here’s an example using the unsubscribe link taken from the community thread I’ve attached below:

<a href ="{% unsubscribe_link %}" style="color: #000000 !important;">Unsubscribe</a>

I hope that’s helpful.

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Hi Dov,

It looks like I was not present my problem properly. 
Please check the attached screen capture where the shipping tracking number in ‘Shipping Confirmation’ email is a string, but the smart iPhone detect the string as actual tracking number and generated a link.


This is a feature that comes with iPhone’s native email client. Similary, when we have a phone number in email body, the email app generates link to call that number.

Such behavior can be controlled with a proper meta tag in the header, like the line bellow. But we cannot add meta tag in header using email body.

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">