Dynamic coupon link straight to checkout?

  • 9 April 2024
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Hi, is there a simple way to create a link that will add a dynamic coupon code to the checkout, add a certain product to cart and take the customer to checkout page? 

Basically when a customer clicks on the coupon code, I want it to take them to the checkout page with the discount applied and also the product added to the cart. Is this possible? 

It is for a post purchase flow email that is sent to the customer immediately after purchase essentially like an upsell email. 



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Hey @topgummy, welcome back to the community.

Which ecommerce platform are you on?

If you happen to be on Shopify, Shopify has something called “cart permalinks” where you can add items to cart AND apply a discount code via a link.

You can see Shopify’s documentation on it here:

Notice in the documentation second to last example, you can apply a discount AND add an item to the cart by formatting a URL to the user that looks like this when they click:

Where the first number, is the item’s variantID, followed by quantity (here it is 1), using shop_pay as the payment method pre-selected, with the discount code 15off.

If you just want to apply a discount code, Klaviyo has a good walk through of that here as well:

It’s a bit tricky to setup, you’ll want to test it a few times to make sure it works, but it’s a great way to get people to the checkout process in one click.