Product image not showing up when I preview or send a test email

  • 1 September 2021
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I have created the Instagram rss xml feed and configured in Email template, Its working.

But Product image not showing up when I preview or send a test email.

How to resolve it?


Best answer by stephen.trumble 1 September 2021, 23:56

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3 replies

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Hey @thileban 

Thank you for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community! Happy to help facilitate!

@mia  recently asked about this same subject! In this community post there is a discussion on using Instagram content in your emails and how to troubleshoot why the images are not showing up including how to test your feed . Please give these suggestions a review! 

Thank you for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!

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Hey @stephen.trumble,

I have tested from Email Template --> Preview and used “Send as an email” option.

Its working fine links are updating, But some images are not loading properly when receive email.(Its a network issue?)

I am following this link :

I have using this code on Email template

{% for item in|slice:":3" %}
<table style="display:inline-block; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto">
<td style="padding-right:15px;padding-left:18px; width:150px"><a href="{{ }}">
<img src="{{ item|lookup:'media:content'|lookup:'@url' }}" style="margin: 1px; max-width: 150px; height: auto;" /></a>
{% endfor %}
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Hey @thileban !

Thank you for reaching back out so quickly for the Klaviyo Community to help you get this solved! 

@Dov responded to the Community post from Mia that I shared with you above with a more indepth solution. Dov talks about updating your data feed, image formatting, URLs and errors that occur in Outlook. Please review his response at the bottom of the thread. Hopefully one of his suggestions will help you!