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  • 6 January 2021
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I am trying to work on my email templates, however in outlook 365 desktop, they show up with no paragraph breaks in them. They look fine out my mobile device. Does anyone have any tips?

6 replies

I’m also very interested to find a solution to this.

This hasn’t been a problem with previous EDM providers such as MailChimp and DotMailer and is becoming a bit of a dealbreaker for us, which would be a shame given Klaviyo’s great segmentation options with Shopify. I understand Outlook has email rendering quirks, but I haven’t experienced this with other software.

Interestingly enough there are no problems with Outlook Mac.

We are having the same issue and eager to find a fix. Our emails look great in the preview and when we send out EXCEPT Outlook 365 desktop. Is Klaviyo working to resolve this? 

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Hi @Guy Levine, @WillB @ab8008 

Thanks so much for sharing on this post and my apologies that its taken a few days to follow up on this. Unfortunately, at this time, there are some known errors that occur with Outlook, specifically for the following versions:  

  • Outlook Office 365 - Windows 10
  • Outlook 2013 - Windows 7
  • Outlook 2010 - Windows 7
  • Outlook 2016 - Windows 7
  • Outlook 2019 - Windows 10

As @WillB pointed out, this doesn’t actually happen for all versions for Outlook, as Outlook through Apple desktop renders significantly better than Outlook 2016 on Windows. 

The Klaviyo team is actively investigating this, and are looking to make improvements to the template editor overall, so there may be updates specifically for Outlook rendering issues. 

This is the full article on specific callouts for Outlook support on Klaviyo. I’ll leave this post open and unresolved for now, and will follow up on this thread when I find out more details on this from the team. 


Hi Cassy.lee,

Do you have any update on this? Do you have a timeline for a solution?

I recognise there are rendering issues with legacy Outlook clients, but improper rendering of paragraph tags isn’t one of the usual problems (and a pretty important thing to get right!)


I’m having an issue where Outlook 2016 and 2019 on Windows 10 is adding 1px horizontal white lines between blocks--seemingly randomly. It’s making us crazy!

I know for start ups and consumer retail, Outlook is irrelevant, but if you’re selling to large businesses, Outlook for Windows is still very important to support fully.

Same issue here - possible deal breaker. Any solutions yet?