Universal saved content

  • 31 May 2022
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Universal saved content
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Universal saved content is a long awaited feature that we’re very excited about! With UC (Universal Content), you can save a section/block universally, add it to other templates, edit the content, and have the changes reflect everywhere the UC block is added. Or, you can add the UC to different templates, unlink, and edit locally - so the changes are not reflected everywhere, just in the one template you’re editing. This is very helpful for footers or other sections you use in every email, if a change is needed (ex: updating the link for privacy policy, or your copy for footer closing statement, etc), if the block is universally saved, then you can simply edit the content once and have the changes reflect everywhere the UC block is added. 

To use UC, simply select the star button to save and name the block/section. Now, you will see it is under the ‘universal’ tab next to default (screenshot below). By default, all saved blocks will save universally, but you can unlink after to not update universally. 

In a different (or the same) template, drag/drop in the UC block from the Universal tab, to add in the UC block to a different template. 

If you want to edit the content and have it reflect everywhere the UC block is being used, select ‘Edit Across All Instances’. When editing in all instances, you will notice a green banner at the top of the screen to alert you that any changes made here, will reflect everywhere the block is being used. Once done editing, you will need to select the Publish button to have the changes reflected everywhere. 

If you’d like to edit the UC block, but only have the changes reflect in the current template you’re in (and not all templates using the block), add the UC block and then select ‘Unlink and Edit Independently’. Then, the block in this template only will essentially become a normal block, can be edited and select ‘done’ when finished. The changes you made will only reflect here. The UC block will still be located under the Universal tab, but will appear how it did, before you made any local changes. 

If a block is universally saved, once you select it, you will see in a blue hyperlink everywhere the UC section is being used. Select this to show the list of all templates using the UC block. 

Please note, that if you universally edit a UC block, the changes will not reflect in previously sent emails that were using the block, these emails are compressed and sent and cannot be altered in any way. This is an industry standard. 

Lastly, if a section/block was added to all templates manually previously and is not universally saved, then in order to have the content be universally saved, you would need to save the block from one example template universally, and manually add it into every template. Then once the block is added into all templates as the UC version, in the future if you were to universally edit the content, it would reflect in all templates using the UC block. IE: not all footer sections/blocks are automatically UC, you would still need to save the block universally and add the UC block into templates in order to use the capability. 

Klaviyo is very excited about this feature and hopes your team is able to save time by using this new feature. More information can be found in our handy How to create and manage universal and saved content Help Center article.

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7 replies


Hi Anna, 

How does Universal Content work inside Flows? 

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Hey @maureen125,

Since universal content is applied to specific templates that link them, it wouldn’t work any different in flows! This means that if you have several emails in the same flow or even different flows using the same universal content, when updating one of them, they could be updated across the board. 

Keep in mind that universal content is only available for emails built using our new template editor.



Thanks @David To ,

So if we have a flow already live and we update the UC, those changes will be reflected within the flow?

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Hey @maureen125,

Thats correct! That’s the beauty of the universal content feature. 

As mentioned, this feature allows you to make changes across multiple different emails/templates all at once!


If a change is made to a UC block, does it change all sends that happen after the edit, regardless of when the scheduling of that email was set up? For example, if it’s noon and I schedule my next send for 6pm, but I make a UC change at 4 pm, will the 6pm send have that UC edit included? Or does the act of setting the schedule lock the content from changes?

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Hi @Jeff B ,

We now offer universal blocks that you can set up and then if you use these universal blocks in your emails, you can just change it from one email and it should reflect in other templates that are using the same universal block. Here is a guide on how to do this: How to create and manage universal and saved content.  

When you hover over or click a block within an email template, you will see a star icon. Once you have a block formatted the way you would like it, click the star icon to save it as a universal block. Make sure to use a descriptive name so the content is easy to find later.

save a block.jpg


To access and reuse a universal block or section, open the Content tab and click Universal.

see universal blocks.gif

Then, you’ll be prompted to choose a universal block or section. Only universal content that was built in the new editor will be available to choose from. Search by the content’s name or scroll through all your universal content to choose one.

Once you find the block or section you would like to reuse, drag it into your template. 


To edit a universal content block or section, click on it from any template. You have two options for editing universal content:

  • Edit across all instances
    Choose this option if you’d like your edits reflected in every template containing this piece of content
  • Unlink and edit independently
    Choose this option if you’d like your edits to only apply in the template you’re currently editing

Edit universal content.jpg


If you click Edit Across All Instances, editing other blocks in your template will temporarily be disabled. Make any desired edits to the universal content, then click Publish Changes to apply the changes across all instances of the content in other templates. Alternatively, use the back arrow to discard your changes and return to the main editor.


Use the # emails and templates button to see a list of all messages where the block is currently in use.

See all templates.gif

After you publish the changes, other blocks in the current template will become editable again. 

If your emails were setup previously without universal blocks, then you would have to change the font and styles individually by going into each email template. But by implementing the universal blocks, you can then edit the blocks from just one email and this should then reflect in all emails that has that same universal block as mentioned above.




Is there a way of ordering the UC blocks as they come up after clicking the button? Even simply being able to rename them and use alphabetical order would be useful...