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  • 6 December 2020
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Hello guys, hope your holiday season was successful.

My name is Adir, I am the CRM manager at Maelys Cosmetics.


I have a question for you all, did someone tried to use Google Annotations?

Pre show the image, coupon? If you have any tips or tricks, that can be great.


We would like to take our email marketing activity to the next level after conquering email automation, segmentation, SMS campaigns and all Klaviyo’s best practices.


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29 replies

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Any chance of a response Klaviyo team?


I also want to add this code to my promotional emails. Klaviyo team, please fix it of us!

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Hi all,


Thank you all for the collaboration, sharing and troubleshooting you’ve demonstrated together with your peers in the Community! After conversing with our team, I was able to confirm some best practices that would be helpful in sharing!


In addition to confirming what @cassy had previously mentioned that Google Annotations will not work through a drag-and-drop editor, this will require a custom coded HTML template. Our experts were also able to share that some success can be seen when following these two steps:

  • Disable the setting ‘Enable embedded styles’ under account Settings > Email > CSS Optimization
  • create and upload the template as a pure HTML template. I actually couldn’t see the option to do that via the new editor, so you have to do ‘Create Template’ and then select the old editor, and then select the upload tab that then shows up and import it there


While we have seen some success using these two steps listed above, guaranteed placement is outside of Klaviyo’s control and ultimately up to Gmail/Google. This includes configuring a banner image to show and following the syntax laid out by Google. Within our own tests we were not able to find a permanent method to configure annotations in Klaviyo to permanently secure display in a certain section of the promotions tab.


Hope this helps!


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Sales Force were able to get it working inside their editor with no issues -