Why do I have limited mobility with sections in the template editor?

  • 7 October 2022
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This just one of many problems, but… Why is the Custom Layout Feature have limited placement? 

You can only use it at the top or the bottom of the section, but not inside of the section. 

I’m amazed how a company with so much development power can go backwards while making something new.



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7 replies

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Hi there @moodxmanager


Do you mind clarifying a bit more on what you mean by ‘custom layout’ feature? What I think might be happening here is that the section you are trying to move is already nested in another section and therefore not able to be moved inside of another section.  I’d be curious to know if the behavior you're experiencing is similar to the one me colleague, @David To, addressed in the following post. 


Let me know if this is helpful! 


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Hi Taylor,

This is not what I had in mind. 

What I have in mind is that you cannot put columns in the middle of a section, but only at the top or bottom. 

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Hi @moodxmanager


I wanted to check in to see if you were able to implement this feature in your template? I tested this action in my own test account and I was able to successfully add it. 




Hi @moodxmanager,


I am not sure if this will still be useful after 8 months, but what I have found, whilst wrestling with this problem, is that a column can only be added on top of another column or, section. You can place a column within a section provided that it is next to another column. You can’t place columns in between say a text block and an image block or, in between an image block and another image block. You can, however, place a column between two image blocks providing that at least one of those image blocks is within it’s own column.


I hope this wraps up the problem for you,


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This is so frustrating I can not add columns or sections only after the footer ….

I’m also finding this really frustrating. I swear we used to be able to add columns between sections but now I can’t add them anywhere other than below the footer….

I figured out a way around this!

It’s not perfect, but the trick is to create multiple “columns” where two of the columns just have one section. 

A. Column 1 section, all the content you want above
B. Column 2 sections, the split content you want
C. Column 1 section, everything you want below