Why is my fallback font occasionally bolded sometimes?

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Hey Klaviyo Community, 

We switched to a custom Google Font. Now we have the problem that the Formatting of the Fallback Font is sometimes changed to bold. This happened on an in Gmail opened in Chrome on a MacBook. 

But this doesn’t happen in every Google Account. In my Google Account in Chrome on a MacBook everything is formatted correctly. 

Our Fallback Font is the web-safe Verdana Font. 

I already tried removing the formatting completely.
I also tried adding a style block at the top of the email. 

  body, p, td, div, span, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
    font-family: Montserrat, Verdana, sans-serif;
    font-weight: normal;

This didn’t help so far. 

What could be the issue and how to resolve it? 


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Hi @MichaelKa


Welcome to the Community! I’m sorry you’re been experiencing issues with your fallback font, happy to help! 


Great troubleshooting so far! In most experiences, the culprit in situations like these are hidden inline styling that add font weights unknowingly in your editor. Can you confirm that when you say you’ve ‘removed the formatting completely’, you navigated to your Styles tab and cleared the formatting, following the steps listed in this Community article?
Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hi Taylor, 

Yes exactly, when I say I ‘removed the formatting completely’, I mean I navigated to the Styles tab and cleared the formatting. 


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Hi @MichaelKa

If you have double checked all of the inline styling to confirm there is no CSS styling hiding in there to cause this, and since you said you are not seeing this consistently, it could be a setting in your browser.

Digging a little deeper into this, emails will render differently depending on the inbox provider. You can use email preview services like Litmus or Email on Acid to see what your emails would look like on different platforms, but ultimately how an email is rendered in the inbox will depend on the inbox provider. For example, emails viewed within Outlook will look different than they would in all other email clients. We also have this article that includes why an email can appear differently when viewed in Microsoft Outlook.

I hope this helps!