Woocommerce integration: Unable to Access API with Credentials Specified

  • 10 February 2021
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I’m having issue with the integration of my WooCommerce with Klaviyo. 

I generated an API key with read,write permission. I have my consumer key and consumer secret wich I paste in my integrations settings. But when I click « Connect to WooCommerce» this message appear « Unable to access API with credentials specified». I’m stuck here and don’t jnow what to do



10 replies

Hi there!

The WooCommerce integration settings form makes a few test API calls using the provided store URL and consumer key and secret. If the calls fail or returns an unexpected response, then an error is displayed. Often times the culprit is a firewall or other plugin interfering with the API.

One check you can perform is to make a test API call yourself and inspect the response. You can do this by navigating to a URL in your browser with the below structure, filling in the placeholders with the appropriate information:



For example, if my store URL was “” and my key and secret are “my-consumer-key” and “my-consumer-secret” respectively, the URL would look like this:


If you paste the resulting URL into your browser, you should see product data presented in JSON format:


Can you give this a try and let me know the results?



just tried, this the result: 


The WordPress plugin also creates some custom API endpoints that are tested by the settings form. These checks could also be triggering a settings form error if they are sending back unexpected results. What do you see for this API call (filling in placeholders where appropriate)?



That’s the response I get 



@nate-klaviyowhat would be the next step ?

This error means that the Klaviyo WordPress plugin is not installed or another plugin is interfering with this API endpoint. Have you gone through the setup process for the Klaviyo WP plugin?

If the plugin is installed and this behavior persists, I would recommend opening a support ticket so we can work with you more closely - we may need to work with your IT/hosting provider to track down why this API endpoint is unavailable.


The Klaviyo wordpress plugin as been installed. I am following every step in the « How to integrate with WooCommerce» article. 

I have written 3 times to the Klaviyo costumer support since monday and I still no response. 

I will look is another plugin is interfering. 

Thank you 

I am experiencing the same exact problem! So frustrating. @Mar  were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


I will add that my Klaviyo account was previously connected to my Shopify store, and now I am migrating over to Worpress/Woocommerce….

I deleted and reinstalled the Klaviyo plugin, but I still get this error message. so frustrating! What to do?


The same here :/ 

I can access : {store-url}/wp-json/wc/v3/products?consumer_key={consumer-key}&consumer_secret={consumer-secret} 

but in klaviyo panel I get 403