Adding Yotpo Review to Dynamic Flows - Cart or Browse Abandonment

  • 3 March 2023
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Has any one figured out how to add yotpo product reviews on dynamic product emails? 


I want to leverage our product reviews in our Abandoned Cart emails. Through Yotpo we can create snippets for “review highlights” (info here) but the code is not dynamic - it is simply a code that displays the reviews for products I manually select. 

How would I get it to show the Yotpo review for a dynamic product url? 


Example of use case: 

Currently all email in my cart abandonment flow dynamically pull product title, price, image. 

Anna adds Purple Shirt to her cart but abandons it which triggers her into the Cart Abandonment flow. Klaviyo pulls the info about her cart without any action on my end. Now I would like to add reviews that exist in Yotpo about Purple Shirt to her cart abandonment email. 






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Hi @e_zamora, welcome to the community.

As far as I know, you can’t provide parameters to a custom web feed in Klaviyo (yet) to dynamically select products for the Review Highlights.

So the only workaround I did was to create multiple different web feeds for specific products and then use Trigger Splits in the Abandoned Cart Flow to branch out the most popular or high volume products to use one of those specific web feeds. I use the parameterized method of selection products in their example:


To surface Review Highlights for certain products, add the following URL parameters(s) to your data feed URL:
Single product: ?product_ids[]=#product_id_value#
Multiple products (up to 10):


It may be cumbersome to build a Trigger Split for each product, especially if your catalog is big, so we only applied this to the most popular evergreen products, while other products get a more generic “Review Highlight.” 

If you are able to group similar products, you can still make the review somewhat relevant even if they are not a perfect match.  Using your example, by grouping all “Shirts” into one Flow Split, the user might get a Review Highlight not of a “purple shirt” but of “shirts” so that all Shirt products get a Shirt specific Review Highlight.

Hope this helps!


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We've been recently using for this to be able to add product specific reviews in abandoned carts.

Let me know if you need help with this.


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