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Hey guys, 

It looks like the new Campaign API does return sent_at and subject fields.

These are important properties that our app uses.

- Is there any way to fetch these fields with the new APIs? 
- If not, what are some alternative properties that we can use instead of these fields?

Thank you.

New docs:
v1/v2 docs:


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 27 June 2023, 16:42

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Hi @airboxr!

I’m going to look into this with Engineering and I’ll update the thread as soon as possible!




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Hi @airboxr!

My apologies for the delay here! 


Subject is actually included as a field on message in the response. Sent_at is not supported in the new APIs, but is replaced in practice by send_time.


I hope this helps to clarify!

- Brian