[CASE REOPENED] How to display product regular price and discounted price in the product block in Klaviyo?

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Hello, since it’s been a year ago I wonder if any progress has been made on this topic. I’d like to include a sale_price into this block.


Is it possible?


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Hi @Iztok,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

This feature is still under consideration from our product team. In the meantime, I recommend making use of one of the workaround solutions outlined in the thread below:

My colleague @David To’s last 2 replies in the thread provide the latest workaround solutions.

Thanks for being a member of our community.

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“This feature is still under consideration from our product team.”

Can you just say why such a basic feature hasn’t been implemented yet? I see multiple threads asking for this. It shouldn’t have been called a “feature” to begin with, it’s one of the very basic fields on any product in Shopify. 

Telling less tech savvy people to hire a professional email agency to build a dynamic product feed just to display the compare at price for the products they are trying to sell is just really wild to me.

It’s like buying a new car and then learning it has no beam lights once you have taken it home from the dealership during the day. “Yes, it is under consideration from our product team. In the meantime, we recommend seasonally driving it north and south of the globe to avoid driving in the dark. Or buying a really good flashlight. We can help you out with finding one.”

Talking it away won’t make it go away, it will just boil people up somewhat slower. The email editor is where you’re supposed to get creative with your marketing. Looking at lines of code in a visual interface is about as far from being able to get creative as it can possibly get. 

How can this be so hard? Is the coding of the editor so fragile that adding one more of the basic fields from the Shopify API might break it? Has it been so messily coded from the bottom that nobody knows how to continue improving it? It just doesn’t make sense. 

It feels like it’s more a lack of priorities than it is a lack of technical possibilities. So I’ll say try to make it as clear as it can get: 

Seeing a reduced price without a reference gives the recipient zero extra incentive to click the product in an email. Effectively making the promotion itself a waste of time, a margin-drain if you will. Unless it’s a famous, branded product the customer knows the price of, it has zero added impact. 

I spend a lot of my time working with CRO for our store, and I know for a fact that the visual hierarchy of pricing matters a great deal. When we want to sell more of specific products, manually adding them to a product feed and tailoring some sweet ad copy to highlight why it makes sense to buy it now is usually worth the effort. But it’s just not when you need to manually look up the price of the product and add it to the rest of your text, as it blends in instead of having it stand out.

I’m a solution-oriented guy. I’m not saying this just to put you in a bad light. I want to solve it by any means possible to save my company. So… If the field itself for some reason is so hard to fetch from the API with your current setup. How about adding a regular text field next to the current price until it can be resolved dynamically at some point? At least it will give us the chance to present our sale in a more effective manner.

Even something like this would do: (*I just inspected the code in HTML and changed it in my browser for this example. Zero effect on the actual newsletter itself) 


Or adding a temporary hack where we can write something like “8399 -/- 9949” in the price field itself to be able to display it as strikethrough. Something. Because this just isn’t working out. For any of us.

And before you say it: Yes, I have managed to code a responsive, dynamic product catalog that displays the strikethrough compare at price. Which is of little use when we want to push certain products. And making a separate catalog with only these products can be form of an emergency solution. But then we won’t be able to write tailored ad copy for the products to sell as many as possible when we occasionally email our 35k+ subscribers. 

I’m writing all of this in pure frustration, as we have way too much in stock of a lot of seasonal products, we can barely afford to pay our bills, email is supposed to be the best sales channel to push them, and Klaviyo - The market leader in the space - makes this so, so much harder for me than it has to be.

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Hi @Prebz,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

I wish I could tell you exactly why certain features (like discounted prices in product blocks) haven’t yet been deployed. As you can imagine, we receive many requests to build out various features on our platform with varying degrees of technical complexity. And on the surface, some features may seem like “no brainers” to implement, but for different reasons and considerations, it isn’t always as simple as deploying a line of code to add it universally to the product. With that said, we hear you loud and clear that this is wanted as a discrete feature, and we’re aware people have requested it in other threads in the forum. And as a result, it’s become a priority for our team on the product roadmap.

In the meantime, while our team works through this, we have different workarounds as you pointed out (like the article here) or, if you’re not as tech-savvy or a developer, using the "custom description" box to show the original price with strike tags and then the compare at price. If you’re looking to make the price stand out more, I’d recommend assigning a different color to the discounted price in the custom description field. There’s a Youtube video tutorial on achieving that here.

I say this with the understanding that it’s not as ideal as having discounted prices “baked” directly into the block as a native field. And I can assure you, we are working on it! 

Also, I appreciate your proactive suggestions and pragmatism here, and also your passion for problem solving.

I hope that provides a bit more insight, and thanks again for your feedback and being a part of our community.


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i’m also very interesting in such a feature, as I have a special products feed with discounts and i want my user to be aware of it. It’s an automatic Flow that needs to be sent every month.


Thx a lot for your consideration,




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Hi @dov, and thanks for your response :)

I have been in touch with the team, as well as had a meeting with Anne from the UX team with some additional suggestions. The compare at price functionality has been scheduled for Q4 this year, so I’ll just do my best to get around it until then. 

After all, our problem is not to be able to do it in custom blocks, but rather that it completely removes all sense of control and creativity when making newsletters. When we want to push certain products, there are just too many hoops to go through to be able to do so. From making a specific catalog with all those items, to having it populate and so on. I’m the only technical person in our team, so I am required 100% of the times we are sending newsletters.

Anyways, I hope it will get resolved in time for black week when it’s required more than any other time.

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I’m just chiming in to say that I’m astounded that Klaviyo doesn’t have this functionality. It’s honestly unreal.

I’m in the middle of migrating my company’s entire ESP over to Klaviyo and now I look like an actual idiot because we can’t show discounted prices automatically to our customers, which is something our old ESP could do easily. I figured during the migration process that this was just a feature that was buried somewhere that I missed the first time, SURELY there’s no way that Klaviyo imports your entire Shopify product feed, but only lets you show the product title and price field. Like, OBVIOUSLY they let you select more of the fields to use in your dynamic product blocks, right?


Like this is a 5 alarm fire right now, and I have egg on my face for guiding the transition of a large ESP contract over to Klaviyo and now it’s on hold over the dumbest of all things: not being able to show discounted prices. 

Don’t tell me to write Django hooks a restyle the entire product block component using inline CSS - that’s not maintainable and NOT a solution. You just got lucky that the “hack” actually works, and have been pointing people that way in these forums for over a year instead of actually fixing it.

Here’s a quick solution for y’all. How about you just add an option to add as many “Custom Fields” to the product block where I can then paste the {{ product.catalog_feed.attribute.whatever_I_want_to_add }} shortcode and have it automatically pull into the product catalog block? Is that really so hard? NO!

I’m with the dozens of people who have been asking for this feature for years. This is craziness.

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@Dov do you have any update on the release timing for this feature? I’ve stated my frustrations above, and I need an answer to be able to move forward with an expanded Klaviyo deployment for our entire business. A previous poster mentioned Q4 as a timeframe for some type of update to address this functionality. We’re in the middle of Q4 now - is this happening?

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Hi @c123456,

Thanks for your note here.

I had a conversation internally on this to gather some further clarity. Work will begin on adding this feature in Q4 but this won’t be a change that’s implemented in Q4. We’re aiming for a release in H1 of 2023.  In the meantime, I recommend using one of the aforementioned workarounds in my previous post. I apologize for any confusion over the initial implementation date.

Thank you for being a community member.




3 months later and wie are right in H1 2023. Is the “feature” now available?


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Hi @MEuK,


At this time the feature is not yet available, although it’s certainly on our Product Team’s radar. I will flag this thread and update it as soon as there’s an update.





We are moving to Klaviyo from Drip due to the SMS limitations of Drip and wanting things all in one place. They also do not have this functionality with the sales price but I was very much hoping Klaviyo would. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the drop of this new feature.


Come on guys, you can do better than this! Just release the code for this!
With the integrations, I already have special_price value in your database.

With else-if your dev team should make the feature available in like 1 hour.

Tic Tac BTW H1 2023 is coming soon to an end.

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Hi @Nutzu,


I’ll definitely forward this feedback to our Product Team - I can assure you that we are working hard to optimize the output of new product features!




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@David To @Brian Turcotte What is the latest update on this? This feature was supposed to come out last year. We really need this functionality and it needs to be a higher priority for the dev team. At the very least, roll out a temporary solution which has a manual entry “compare at price” field that populates above the regular price with strikethrough text.

I am tired of having to use a strikethrough text generator online and manually enter prices every single time I want to do a compare at price. This is seriously basic stuff compared to all of the other complexities of your platform. Really embarrassing you guys don’t have it yet when all of your competitors do.