Collecting additional properties in WooCommerce via API

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I have the Woocommerce integration setup and functionning properly but I need to push the language setting to Klaviyo for the Started Checkout event.


Without this it’s imposible to use the abandoned cart or the signup directly in the checkout.

I already know how to get my language from WPML but need to push this property to Klaviyo. 


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Hi @Summum,

Thanks so much for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

While it is not possible to alter or append any of the event data that is passed to Klaviyo through a third party platform, there are a couple of alternative solutions to help you achieve your goal.

First, if you are operating a store in multiple languages, I recommend setting up a discrete Klaviyo account for each store based on the language. This is a common strategy used by Klaviyo customers to keep languages neat for each account. If you want to be more granular in your targeting, for example if you need to target a regional language, I recommend adding conditional splits to your flows based on the province/state/region. This is a default Klaviyo profile property you can use as a flow filter using the Properties about someone condition. For example, properties about someone >  State/Region equals Ontario. From there, you can design your flow email in the appropriate language. We have more strategies for customizing content based on language here.

Alternatively, if you wish to keep everything contained in a single website/store, you can send Klaviyo a custom Started Checkout event containing the checkout language. For example, adding a custom checkbox at checkout for preferred language and baking this into the custom event. This would be achieved through the Track API which is used for tracking people and the events or actions they do. Please see Klaviyo’s reference guide to the Track API for more details if you wish to pursue this solution.

If you’d like assistance with a custom set-up or were thinking about having a third party on board to help you achieve your business goals, visit or send a note to to get connected with the right Klaviyo Partner for your business.

Thanks and have a great day.


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Hi @Summum 


Another potential solution would be to make an identify request to Klaviyo. This would allow you to update a custom property on a profile that corresponds to the language the customer uses on your website. This property would be accessed as a profile property within Klaviyo instead of event data and, additionally, this property will correspond to the profile rather than an individual event.