How Do I Build a Browse Abandonment Flow for BigCommerce?

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Browse abandonment emails are similar to abandoned cart emails, but are triggered when an identifiable browser visits a product page and does not start or complete a checkout. Browse abandonment is great for lightly reminding customers about items they might be interested in.


The first step in creating a browse abandonment flow is to make sure that you’ve set up web tracking and Viewed Product tracking correctly for your BigCommerce store. 

When you first integrated your Klaviyo account with BigCommerce, the web tracking snippet (which also enables Klaviyo signup forms and Active on Site tracking) should have automatically been installed. You also may have manually added the Viewed Product tracking snippet by either following the setup wizard, or by following along with our help docs. 

If you want to confirm that web tracking is working, you can follow the instructions in the relevant help doc below:

If you have yet to set up Viewed Product tracking, you can follow the instructions in the relevant help doc below:

Building the flow

For more information on how to build a browse abandonment flow, check out Creating a Browse Abandonment Flow on the Help Center.

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