Integrate Klaviyo - What about the shopify notifications?

  • 27 March 2023
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Hello all,

I am in the process of setting up my Shopify store. The next tasks were to set up invoices, order confirmations, discount codes and so on. That's when I came across this app. After some recommendations and Youtube videos, I decided to try the free plan.

Before I start creating flows, etc, I wanted to check with you guys if Shopify notifications are automatically disabled once you use a third-party app. I don't want my customers to receive a mail from shopify and Klaviyo later.

Can I make such a setting even with the free plan? If not, I'll stick with Shopify for now and see how it goes.

Thank you in advance.



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3 replies

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Hi @DaveSG 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community and thanks for the great question!

There are two types of notifications we are talking about here - Transactional (ie; Order Confirmation, Dispatch Confirmation etc) and Marketing (ie; Product Announcement, Sales etc).

With Klaviyo you have the flexibility to customize and personalize the Shopify Notifications within the Klaviyo solution and then you export and import the code of the email back into Shopify for Transactional emails. 
This is a great feature of Klaviyo and available on the free account!

Here is an article that gives you an in-depth look on how to do this:

The only ‘transactional’ email you will want to disable in Shopify is the Abandon Cart email, as you will set up the flow in Klaviyo and use the feature rich solution to provide a very personalized email journey for the customer.

Here is more information on this here on Disabling the Email Notification and an article on setting up an Abandoned Cart Flow in Klaviyo.

In addition to the information provided above, depending on the emails you wish to create in Klaviyo via the Flows section you may need to disable them in the Shopify account. This will be covered in the first link provided.

I hope this helps and welcome to Klaviyo 😄




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Hi @DaveSG 

For Transactional yes, that is correct.

In Klaviyo, under Content>Templates>Create Templates there are Shopify Notifications prebuilt, which you can customise and export this code and import back into Shopify Notifications, overwriting the standard Shopify ones. 

Of course, with Klaviyo you can do more than just Abandoned Cart, you can also use Browse Abandonment, Back In Stock, Price Drop etc. However Abandoned Cart is the only one that requires you to disable the Shopify Notification to make use of the Klaviyo automated flow 😊

Hope this helps further!


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@Kylie W - thanks a lot for the fast and detailed reply. This helps a lot.

So according to you and the first link, I create here the templates, export the html body and import it later in Shopify. The only action which I run with Klaviyo is the abandoned cart flow/ template.


Thanks again, topic closed I guess :)