Klaviyo Reviews are here!

  • 27 June 2023
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Klaviyo Reviews are here!
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Hi Klaviyo Community!


Have you heard the news?! Klaviyo reviews are here!


That means the Integrations category just became the Integrations and Reviews category!


You can now collect, promote, and learn from customer reviews directly in Klaviyo. Then, surface review content across your owned channels, like your website and emails. Since all of your customer data exists in one place, you can get even more targeted and personalized in your messaging. 


🚀 Get started today with the following resources:


🗣 Let us know: what are you most excited for with reviews?




32 replies

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HI team,


I just installed the new Reviews app and I’m really disappointed. The default links that point the customer to a review are not a good user experience. Currently when a customer clicks on the link, it takes them to the “review” section of the product page. The customer then has to click on “write a review” to complete. That extra step is really bad. What should happen is the link in the email should take the customer directly to the review landing page, where they can click the number of stars, enter some comments and hit submit. Please fix this!

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Thank you David👍🏻 


What about other integrations like Woocommerce and Shopware, will they also get reviews integration? If yes, when?

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Hi there!


I really hope to migrate all my merchants (being a Klaviyo Partner myself) to Klaviyo Reviews as soon as possible, from our point of view, it missed kind of two essentials things :

  • integrate with Loyalty programs as SMILE. With Loyalty Lion you can use a Klaviyo Flow webhook action to trigger a reward, but not in smile. Klaviyo is awesomely integrate with Smile, should be not so hard to send them the event!
  • integrate with Gorgias to send reviews and questions as tickets to allow answering to them in Gorgias, showing them in the customer information widget. I think is doable with a Klaviyo Flow webhook action and a Gorgias https custom integration, could be great if you share how to do it… we specially like to be able to flag bad reviews in Gorgias and to treat it as a customer service thing, or to automate a thank you reply to a good one :-)

So, the really blocking thing is the SMILE loyalty program today.

Thank you for your attention

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Hello @lollygag,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I would suggest taking a look at our Understanding Klaviyo reviews pricing Help Center article which breaks down the pricing for the review feature further. 

But your understanding is correct! If you're a new store and don’t yet exceed 50 orders per month, it wouldn’t cost you anything to use the review feature. 

You can also see the chart below outlining the first 6 Klaviyo reviews pricing tiers: 

Max monthly number of Orders

Klaviyo reviews monthly cost
















Yes, we are looking to join klaviyo and use woocommerce, reviews would seal the deal.

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Hi @Taylor Tarpley - could you possibly help. Do you know if there is a way to get a full page on my Shopify store that shows all the Klaviyo reviews I’ve collected thus far? 


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Hi there,


Is the Klaviyo reviews product available via API at all? It seems like the only place I can collect reviews right now is in the shopify store and in the link sent via email or text. What if I want to support reviews in my mobile app? Is there any way to submit reviews collected by a 3rd party to Klaviyo?

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Does Reviews only work with Shopify? 

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Planning any integrations for other platforms?  Like Maropost/Neto?

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Hi @Benjamin at GROWTH Croissance!

Thank you for the valuable feedback! I will definitely forward this to our Reviews team, and I’ll update the thread if anything changes in the future.




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We are looking to move from another app to klaviyo reviews , as a new site its unclear the cost for this app:
app store says :
Reviews free up to 50 orders per month.

So if i have less the 50 sales per month is this app Free?
because in Klaviyo admin it tells me $25

I am trying to hide peoples Last names for privacy reasons.
Can this be done? The review I ahve shows a persons whole name.
I would prefer to show Marissa F. or just a first name.
A location would be good too.


Is this an option for now or something you might add?



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Hey @Mjoy,

Great question! This behavior is actually a recent bug that our team noticed where the full last name was made visible. By default, reviews are only meant to show first name and last initial for all reviews. 

In the interim, you can toggle the widget setting to disable displaying a reviewer’s name all together.

Our team has identified the root cause of this bug and has been working hard towards a resolution. I’ve heard that it should be resolved fairly quickly. 

Thanks for being a part of our Klaviyo Community!


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Hi @hkalebjian!

Thank you for the honest feedback, I will definitely surface this request to our Reviews team!



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I agree with above. 


A lot of unfortunate unnessecary steps involved with the Klayvio review process. Would be even better for the customer to be able to provide their rating and comment in the email, much like other review platforms do.


Disappointing Klayvio. 

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Hello @HJohnston and @emorgannn 

Can you both confirm if you’re sending reviews out from our prebuilt reviews flow titled Klaviyo Reviews: Review request? In my experience, what you’re describing sounds more like the behavior from our classic product review flow titled Product review/cross-sell: standard. 

When a review email from the prebuilt reviews flow is sent out, recipients who open the email and click on one of the star ratings, they’ll be automatically brought to a special link. This link will show the star rating they’ve selected in the email and allow them to add more details to their review before submitting it. So leaving a review really is:

  1. Opening the review email
  2. Clicking the star rating
  3. Adding more details to the review
  4. Click “done”

The experience that you should be getting would be similar to the one you’re describing, @HJohnston.

To learn more about reviews, I would suggest taking a look at some of the resources we offer on this feature which I’ve included below:




HI team,


I just installed the new Reviews app and I’m really disappointed. The default links that point the customer to a review are not a good user experience. Currently when a customer clicks on the link, it takes them to the “review” section of the product page. The customer then has to click on “write a review” to complete. That extra step is really bad. What should happen is the link in the email should take the customer directly to the review landing page, where they can click the number of stars, enter some comments and hit submit. Please fix this!

Yes we have the same complain where sometimes write the review button is not appearing on the website as well. Not sure if it is our theme but it only happen to a few iPhone cutomers.

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Hey @pawsquadau,

Have you consulted a developer on this?

In my experience, this sounds like there may be some code conflict on your site that may be preventing that button from appear. I’ve typically seen this happen if you have some CSS overriding certain aspects of your site - especially if the rest of the Klaviyo review widget is displaying without issues. 

If you need an introduction to a developer, I would encourage you to reach out to some of our wonderful Klaviyo Partners through our Klaviyo Partners Directory


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@David To 


You mentioned a month ago that the developers were working on the bug to fix reviews showing people’s full name. Is there any update on this? 


When I go to preview the email, it automatically shows their full name. How do I fix this?


Thanks heaps.


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I am also wondering if it is possible to back load people into the review and reward flo?


For example:

  1. Email sends to people who have placed an order in the last 3 months requesting a review.
  2. If they leave a review, they then enter the flo that sends them a discount for leaving a review. 


Because the reviews are a new thing, I would love to send out a big email to the last 3 months of orders to collect their reviews and then proceed like normal - someone orders, 7 days later they get a request. 


How do I proceed with this? 


Thank you!

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Hey @emorgannn,

The bug from about a month ago was resolved shortly after my last comment. What you’re seeing is actually expected behavior as we mentioned in the How to request reviews from your customers with Klaviyo reviews flows article:

Once the review is submitted, they’ll see a confirmation page with a button directing back to your homepage. Note that generally, first and last name appear in the Display name field, but only the first name and last initial will appear on your site. 

Since customer you’re previewing as has a first and last name listed, they’ll be pulled into the preview to demonstrate how it would look. Even if your customer doesn’t change/update what is pulled in automatically, Klaviyo will only display someone's first name and last initial on the review itself when published. 

It is currently not supported to send review requests to past customers. This is also called out in our Klaviyo reviews data reference Help Center article:

Ready to review events are only triggered for orders placed after you begin using Klaviyo reviews. It is not possible to retroactively populate the Ready to review metric with past orders. 


One solution to this though would be creating a segment to capture customers who’ve previously purchased and sending them a one time campaign requesting them to review. Because this would not be sent out through the reviews flows, your customers would not receive the same experience. However, they should be able to still leave you a review on the product. 

If you haven’t already, I would also encourage you to take a look through some of our resources we offer on reviews. I’ve included a link to our Help Center section which houses all our articles and guides on reviews:


When will this be available for non-shopify platforms? We are deciding whether to renew our contract with Yotpo and would like to consolidate our services with Klaviyo if possible. But if non-shopify platform support is many months or years away, we will have to look elsewhere.

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Hey @taylorlane,

Great question!

Although we don’t have a timeline to share on when Klaviyo’s review feature will be available for non-Shopify platforms, it is certainly something our Product Teams are exploring! 

With such a big product enhancement, you can be sure there will be some announcements surrounding an update to this feature. 


So we would really like to use the Product review, but the lack of supported languages is a big upset. We can’t be using this product before it’s available in Danish, and I'm guessing it’s going to take a while. Such a shame. 

I hope it will be easy to transfer reviews from other platform since we will be using them at least in the meantime.