Klaviyo URLs for CSP

  • 23 November 2021
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Does Klaviyo have a list of URLs we can include in our site CSP?


as per




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Hey there @Mailing!

 I've checked in with my team and we don't currently have a list like you're requesting, however, all of the resources will originate from​ and so I believe that your example from the first email of using *​ is going to be the best way to accomplish this.

Hope this helped!

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Hi @alex.hong,

I’d like to follow this up with a request for a page in the documentation specifically related to CSP configuration for Klaviyo and any on-site scripts.

There are a number of different assets required to be added to the CSP and simply adding * to all directives is not best practice.

Providing the specific directives and the URLs such as here so that a wildcard doesn’t need adding would be far more useful.


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Hi there @dgreenwooduktf!
Thank you for your feedback and additional details regarding this manner with Klaviyo and CSPs. I have put your comments into a product request so that our team can get some eyes on this feature. 

Have a good day,



You’ll need the following:

connect-src *; script-src *;

It doesn’t inspire confidence when things like this aren’t documented.


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Hi @alex.hong,

Wanted to get an update on this and also to point out that is making a connection to which also needs documenting.

Has this document been created yet? Searching for information on Klaviyos CSPs just brought me back here again.