Lead Generation Landing Page tracking techniques

  • 2 August 2021
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Hi everyone, I’m launching a landing page for lead generation purposes and I’d like to use Klaviyo to:


  • Track page visits.
  • Send form abandonment emails similar to abandoned cart emails flows.
  • Track for conversions.


What’s the best way to go about this?


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Hi @Andrew.Walters, welcome to the community! Breaking your question down into three parts:

Tracking Page Visits - If the landing page is page is created from your ecommerce platform, then this should be done automatically, as all pages are tracked so long as you enabled the native Klaviyo integration with the popular ecommerce platforms.  If you are using a third party or another platform to host your landing pages, then you’ll need to include the Klaviyo Javascript along with the Activity tracking snippet.  Remember, you only have to do this if you’re planning to host your page on a separate platform than your ecommerce site. You can find more information about that here: 

Sending “Form Abandonment Emails” - Whenever you use a Klaviyo Signup Form (embedded, Popup, or Flyout) - email captured will be submitted (and Subscribed) to a List that you designate.  You can create a Flow that is triggered from this List Subscription, and have Flow Filters to not send the email if another action or behavior occurs.  In the “Cart Abandonment” example, an email is sent if a “Placed Order” did not occur while in the Flow.  If you define a conversion in the same way as a “Placed Order” event, then you can create that same Flow Filter as in the Cart Abandonment like this:


Tracking Conversions - If you already have integrated Klaviyo with your ecommerce platform, then the most commonly “conversions” are already tracked such as “Placed Order” or “Ordered Product” or “Fulfilled Order.”  When vieweing your Flow, make sure you select the Conversion goal and you’ll see it in your Flow Analytics.  Here, in this example, “Placed Order” was the conversion metric:

Here’s more information on how to see your Flow Analytics:

Hope this helps!

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Hello @Andrew.Walters,

Just wanted to chime in and add more color to @retention’s great points!

To elaborate further on tracking conversions, Klaviyo by default has a five day last interaction (open or clicked) model. This means that the last email a customer opens or clicks, so long as it was received in the last five days prior to a sale would be attributed the revenue for the conversion. You can learn more about Klaviyo’s conversion model in more detail from the Understanding Conversion Tracking Help Center article. 

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