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  • 21 March 2023
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I’m trying to decide between loyalty programmes - has anyone got any recommendation on loyalty lion vs Yotpo?



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Hi @aheath1!


I’m intrigued to see what other Community members think, but in the meantime here’s a few case studies from our partners if you’re interested:


And some more programs organized by type/strengths:

  • Earn & Burn – LoyaltyLion, Antavo,, Swell/Yotpo, Duel, Growave,, Stamped, Zinrelo

  • Tiered - Antavo,, Swell/Yotpo, Duel, Growave,, Zinrelo

  • Perks - Antavo, Odicci, Growave, IgnitePost,, Stamped, Zinrelo

  • Gamification - Antavo, Odicci, Duel, LoudCrowd,, Sauce, Stamped, Zinrelo

  • Premium/Paid Program - Antavo, Zinrelo

  • Influencer or Referral Program — friendbuy, LoyaltyLion, Antavo, Odicci,, Swell/Yotpo, Duel, Growave, LoudCrowd,, ReferralCandy, Sauce, Stamped, Zinrelo


Thanks for using the Community!

- Brian

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Hey @aheath1,

I’m assuming you’re on Shopify if you’re looking at Loyalty Lion? What type of loyalty program are you looking for? Simple points based program? Looking to build customer referrals?

One of my favorite loyalty programs is really just creating a VIP segment within Klaviyo. The reason I like this is because you can be really creative with how you use the segment. You can do friends & family sales or pair up with programs like to increase word of mouth referrals, gives these VIPs early access to product releases and promotions, have more personal emails from the founder of the company, and generally think more outside of the box than what a points based system can do. 

Just an alternative thought to using a third party platform or something you can do along side it.