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  • 20 November 2020
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I’m unable to pull in the Abandoned Checkout metric from ReCharge into Klaviyo. I’ve done the basic ReCharge integration and followed the instructions from Klaviyo to paste public API key into ReCharge to activate the Abandoned Checkout metric. However, after testing, it is still not working. Does anyone have a solution for this?


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3 replies

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Hi David, 


Thanks for reaching out! With our integration with ReCharge the following metrics are synced: 

  • Started Subscription
  • Cancelled Subscription
  • Started Checkout

You can find more information on the data that is passed within those metrics here. If you would like to create an Abandon Cart flow for Recharge checkout activity you want to use the “Started Checkout” ReCharge metric with a flow filter of whatever “Placed Order” metric you are using within the account. 


Please let me know if you have any further questions on this and I would be happy to help!




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I’m having the same issue and the answer does not provide a solution. I’m integrated with public API
key. I do not have the metric for Started Checkout with ReCharge. I continue to only have the Shopify Checkout Started metric. 

How do we troubleshoot this issue?

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Hey @Jayme,

Since it sounds like the Shopify Checkout Started is consistently firing, can you confirm if the checkout page you are using is actually a ReCharge checkout page as opposed to the default Shopify Checkout page? 

Only going through the ReCharge specific checkout page would trigger the ReCharge checkout started metric. Similarly, when users go through the Shopify checkout page, a Shopify specific Checkout Started event would trigger.