Setup double opt-in when sign-up to list triggered through Typeform

  • 17 February 2023
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I’ve setup a sign-up form in Typeform and integrated it in Klaviyo. To this end, I’ve set the Typeform integration settings in Klaviyo to subscribe people who fill out a specific Typeform Form ID to a specific Klaviyo list.

However, after filling out the form on Typeform, the default double opt-in process is not triggered. Instead, they are directly added to the Klaviyo list without confirming the subscription.

What do I need to do in order to setup the double opt-in process?

Any tips are much appreciated!


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2 replies

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Hi @FritzivB!


My colleague Dov has actually answered this topic in the thread here:


Additionally, here’s our Help Center Article on Double Opt-in if you haven’t already seen it - it could also be helpful to double-check that it’s enabled in your account:


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- Brian

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Hi @FritzivB!

You might also consider skipping double optin for those who’ve filled out your Typeform.

It creates pretty significant resistance when you ask them to double optin after they’ve gone through a whole quiz or questionnaire process.

What I recommend instead is you build a specific welcome series flow for this group of people, and deliver the results of the quiz, or a similar “thanks for participating” first email. (If you haven’t built this kind of flow already to follow-up after your Typeform submissions.)

Since it’s a higher level of effort to submit Typeform responses, you don’t need to worry about bot optins cluttering your list. And that extra level of optin effort also indicates a high interest in receiving follow-up emails from you.

In which case, single optin will help you retain a higher percentage of those engaged new subscribers!

Typeform’s integration with Klaviyo is pretty awesome, so you can send custom profile properties between the two platforms, and you can use that to segment people into a Welcome Series flow that’s specific to the Typeform optin, and separate from your more general Welcome Series flow. 

Hope this helps!